How to Get Rid of a Drone Violating Your Privacy?

Elliot Roth, a resident of an 18th floor apartment in uptown Charlotte, would never expect his privacy to be compromised. But that is exactly what happened when he caught sight of a drone flying around on the South Caldwell street. He is of the view that the drone was trying to peep into his apartment and once it figured out that the resident had spotted it, it went away. However, it did make a return after some time. Elliot was rather freaked out by the peeping drone since he believed that when you are living at the 18th floor of a building, you do not expect anyone to look into your windows.

Well, even if the drone were not peeping into the windows, it certainly was violating the rules laid down by the federal authorities.

In another instant, a drone crashed on a building in South College Street while the management of the Mint Apartments in the West Trade Street was spooked by a drone trying to capture videos of their apartments.

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According to the department of Transportation, there are more than 20,000 registered Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems in North Carolina. With such a massive increase in their number, the concerns regarding violation of privacy have certainly ratcheted up a wee bit.

There is a huge question mark when it comes to laws related to privacy violation. The experts are of the view that laws should not focus on a certain technology rather they should be formulated such that they remain neutral.

In case of any complaints regarding privacy infringement by a drone, the affected people should contact the relevant law enforcement agency. In North Carolina, it is illegitimate to spy on a person or any occupied building without soliciting permission from the residents. Any violation of this law could result in action in civil court.

In 2015, FAA came up with the drone registration procedure that resulted in the registration of 626,000 drones. However, quite recently, a federal court termed the procedure as illegal in the wake of a 2012 law. With the registration process struck down, it has become more difficult for the law enforcement agencies, to determine the owner of any drone.  

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The state and federal functionaries are strongly against the shooting down of drones. There are drone enthusiasts who believe that drones can play a vital role in igniting the longing in children to innovate. There is a need for formulating policies and strategies for using drones in local parks since according to the FAA estimates, the number of drones is likely to reach the mammoth figure of 3.5 million by the year 2021. This could well result in an escalation in the number of incidents caused by them.

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