Get Unprecedented Underwater Coverage – Trident Drone

With the help of a web browser and a mobile handheld device, you can get yourself treated to the world’s riches piloting sojourn with the most intuitive telerobotic control system that is integrated in Trident. The hydrodynamically set thruster design lets the pilot wade through water at superfast speeds while allowing manoeuvring along tight nooks and corners.

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The rubber coated side panels add an extra layer of safety to the drone while its design ensures safe portability. The connectivity between the wireless topside unit and the mobile handheld device grants more control range to the Trident drone. Powered by an open-source operating system, the Trident lets the pilot integrate a range of customizations for enhanced performance. Moreover, the drone provides an unimaginable four hours of underwater lifetime.

YouTube video

*The drone is coming soon, howeever you can pre-order here.

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