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How Aerial Drones Do Atmospheric Flux and Research

Nowadays, aerial drones can do anything in the world. And when we say anything, we mean that they can also do atmospheric flux and turbulence analysis. Anemoment, a design firm from Colorado, announced the release of a 3D sonic anemometer. That sensor, alongside a drone, will be able to provide more accurate wind dimensions. 

The procedure of Aerial Drones

Aerial Drones


 The announcement of this product was today at the AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2021. Anemometers are not new in the aerial drones market. It is a tool that calculates wind speed, which is crucial to weather the patterns to analyze the air direction. You can purchase a $15 anemometer for abilities, such as windsurfing.

However, a more precise anemometer is important for various industries, such as the science and power industries. For instance, understanding wind speeds can be crucial to understanding variations in weather patterns. If a storm is about to hit a location, a drone pilot or a climatologist must be aware straight away.  


Impact of TriSonica

TriSonica Sphere has a patent-pending spherical execution that minimizes defects of aerial drones, such as wind shadowing.

“We have made the priority of Anemoment’s sensors sonic anemometer since we recognized their TriSonica Mini Wind and Weather Sensor. The TriSonica Sphere maintains the dimensions and weight aspects we consider for minor UAS executions while giving us innovative 3D measurements of the refractive index structure. These accurate dimensions are key to measuring wind turbulence” Alex Clark, Senior Engineer, BlueHalo


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The TriSonica Mini Wind & Weather Sensor is more suitable for aerial drones. It weighs less than 50 grams and has an extremely lightweight structure that makes it easy to use for professionals around the world. As it suits drones, the product is small enough to fit in your hand. It conducts atmospheric analysis, metropolitan work, and ecosystem study. 

“We are delighted to announce the development of this new product as it will allow analysts to conduct atmospheric flux and turbulence study accessing drones without the requirement of generating the payload structure by trial-and-error,” Anemoment statement


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