Incredible Drone Video Footage Depicts Flooding at Oroville Dam

About 200,000 people were forced to evacuate in the wake of massive destruction and flooding at California’s Oroville dam. The video footage captured by a drone showing this catastrophic situation has gone viral. A first in the last 50 years, the dam’s spillways had to be opened after authorities detected a surge in Lake Oroville’s water levels. A 30 feet deep hole had been created in the main spillway after torrential rainfall pounded the area. The drone footage shows the lake’s water flowing the down the spillway as the world’s most harrowing water slide.

The cataclysmic scenario in the Golden State is being attributed to global warming by the experts. California, after six years of drought, has received unprecedented rainfall and snow this season.

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YouTube video

More rains are predicted in the days to come and the authorities are trying their best to fix the dam’s spillways and reduce the water levels in the lake. The dam is America’s tallest one with its lake regarded as the second largest man-made lake in the country. An emergency has been issued in the region by the Governor after reports that a 30-feet tall wall of water could flow down into the community.

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YouTube video

The imminent threat, however, has subsided as water levels at the lake Oroville have gone back to their normal values.
YouTube video

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