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Is Quadair Drone Real or Fake?

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Quad Air Drone Good or Scam

Do you want to know if a Quadair Drone is a real thing or not? Well, see for yourself!

Not so long ago, I was scouring the internet for drones designed specifically for hiking or backpacking videography and photography. To be honest, I did not have the vaguest of ideas regarding these devices. I had to spend some time getting adequately acquainted with the subject; stuff such as the features offered by devices in a certain price range and the brands that promised to provide the best deals.

During the course of my research work, I happened to have a look at the Quadair Drone. The quadcopter has a brilliant landing page which makes you feel as if the machine has been developed on the lines of the EXO brand drone product pages.

However, the Quadair’s website seems to have been developed with the primary purpose of luring in the beginners who are not familiar with high quality drones and are looking for nothing more than a toy drone meant to please kids only.

The manufacturer believes that their drone is the cheapest device out there with such sophisticated features. As a matter of fact, this is the first headline that has been highlighted amply on the product’s main page. As you delve deeper into the device’s features, you will find that the manufacturer has claimed that it is made up of premium quality materials and high-end control algorithms that make the machine soar in the sky similar to a US$10,000 drone designed for training purposes in military exercises.

To think of the fact that all of these promises cost just about US$149 of retail price and with a 33% discount, one may get their hands on the drone for just US$100, it all seems surreal to say the least.

Is it really true? All of it?


By the looks of things, the Quadair Drone appears to be a revamped version of E58 toy drone developed by Eachine which is available on Amazon for just US$40 (the price had gone as low as US$20 back in December). The Amazon page of the E58 model drone is marred by the weakly articulated Amazon item descriptions which have been typically written by non-native English speakers who get paid from Chinese marketing companies in Asia.

Moreover, its camera features are so poorly authored that one’s head may start spinning. The description says that the camera is 1080 pixel HD alongwith 4K pixel.

The reviews are also not that encouraging: 3.5 stars in aggregate with the majority of the reviews rated at being one or two stars. Further, most of the reviews talk about quality control issues. 

You should log onto Quadair’s website and compare its picture with that of E58. It is the same machine right down to its yellow coloured stripes on its arms. The radio controller is also the same model.


Let us compare the Quadair drone with a top quality yet affordable DJI Mini SE drone. 

I am of the opinion that the DJI Mini 3 Pro is a high-end machine. However, it costs between US$700 and US$ 1000 depending on the configuration that is being bought. As far as the price goes, the DJI Mini SE is closer to the Quadair drone. Nevertheless, it is available at US$399 on Amazon which is still pretty high.

Having said that, Quadair’s claim of it being a top notch product still seems to be fair. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer claims that an average drone is priced at US$600 while Quadair is priced six times lower. This means that the Quadair drone is capable of achieving the same heights of glory that a US$600 drone may have. There is another product page of the Quadair Drone that claims that it is the only top quality drone that is priced six times lower.


Feature DJI Mini SE Quadair Drone
GPS Positioning and Stabilization Yes  No
SD memory card for lossless video  Yes  No
3-way gimbal Yes The manufacturer claims that it has a 3-axis gimbal. However, in reality, the camera simply points downwards without being stable. Physically, the camera seems to not be placed on a gimbal.
1/2.3″ sensor for camera (standard size for lower priced DJI and competitor drones) Yes Not known as the developer has not provided any information regarding this feature
Gimbal mechanical range Tilt: -110° to 35°

Roll: -35° to 35°

Pan: -20° to 20°

Not known. However, the E58 copy claims 90 degrees of range
Smooth, stable footage Yes No (based on real world testing)
Return home function Yes Yes
Returns home when communication failure Yes No. Numerous reviewers at Amazon have lost their drones as they flew out of range.
Max wind speed resistance 8.5 to 10 m/s, or 29 to 38 kph (Scale 5) No wind resistance (based on the reviews submitted by drone hobbyists on Amazon)
Max flight time 30 minutes for 1 battery 12 minutes for one battery. One review complained that he got 06 minutes of flight time on one battery. Another one complained that batteries failed to hold charge.
Max transmission distance 4,000 meters 30 meters. The antennae on the radio controller are not real.

The detailed comparison could go on for an eternity but the truth of the matter is that the Quadair Drone does not live up to the hype created by its developer. The company is essentially selling a low-end machine while claiming that it is as good as a DJI drone.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique of writing content on a certain subject or concept and employing dexterous methodologies to ensure that the targeted content is displayed on Google’s first page against targeted keywords.

Quadair’s manufacturers seem to have realized that a vast majority of drone community members were calling out their product as fake. To counter these claims, the developer may have resorted to several associate articles being written by paid content creators and placing them on appropriate traffic websites, while focusing on the keyword “scam” in their title in tandem with the words “quadair drone”. Hats off to the SEO managers who seem to be successful in the campaign. 

When a drone enthusiast intends to find out if Quadair is a scam or not, these posts crop up on Google. However, these posts are nothing but associate articles written for mere marketing purposes, doing nothing but praising the Quadair drone. There are several such posts on page 1 of Google against keywords “quadair drone scam”.

Now, if one reads through the first few articles, we find out that the marketing managers are endeavouring to get the viewers to read a fake review and posts. The marketers are also attempting to overwhelm the real articles which are rightly pointing out that Quadair drone is a scam. By bombarding such fake reviews, the real reviews fail to get featured on page 1 of Google.


Despite the fake reviews crowding the real articles on Quadair on page 1 of Google, Better Business Bureau does get to appear on the page which gives an honest opinion of the product.

Michael C. a reviewer on Better Business Bureau, writes: “Quadair Drone is a total fraud. The promotional video boasts that the device has certain features which are actually not part of its repertoire. I am of the opinion that this is a scam. Fraudulent websites are aplenty which claim the device to have features which is totally false. I did plenty of research before buying the Quadair drone and every website offered fake reviews regarding the drone’s features. There were a number of websites which portrayed the same reviews from the same people. I am sure that Quadair cultivated these fake websites to scam drone hobbyists.

Another complaint on Better Business Bureau’s webpage reads: “I decided to buy drones from this manufacturer and once I unboxed my purchase, I was shocked to learn that the machines were not functioning. On being approached, the manufacturer only offered me a 25% discount instead of any drones for my children on Christmas eve. Heck, I paid them US$167. What’s even worse is that I even bought insurance for one complete year for the drones through the company to preempt any untoward event. However, to my utter dismay, the drones were not operational right out of the box and all that the manufacturer could offer was a meagre 25% discount with an advice to keep the drones. So, my kids had nothing to unwrap as their Christmas gift but a useless 25% discount. And all this happened within the 30 days money back guarantee period with no questions asked. Appreciate you taking out time to read my complaint and I hope things turn out for the better.”


So, I am endeavouring to respond to Quadair’s hideous SEO campaign so that my post gets promoted to higher rankings on Google’s search pages. This will be accomplished by incorporating some of the topics that have been dealt with in the above-referred fake reviews and posts. You may stop reading from here on in.

The conclusion is that Quadair makes huge claims which fail miserably to live up to their expectations. They have resorted to bizarrely false promotional gimmicks. It may be able to fly well in the air as a kid’s drone is meant to do but when it comes to videography such as DJI’s consumer drones, the poorly engineered camera mount and low stability in the air hamper its performance big time.

So, to be honest, Quadair is a toy drone and if you want to be a tad bit harsh, it is fake!


Quadair Drone Pro and Quadair Drone are one and the same thing. An associate promotion manager has simply named it “Quadair Drone Pro” for obvious advertising purposes and to relate it to the DJI’s Mini model which employs the “Pro” tag to underscore enhanced camera control capability.


If you are lucky enough to be handed over your new Quadair Drone by your mailman, get its batteries charged up before configuring the device and ensure that the remote controller contains three AA batteries.

You may download their application available for smartphones to check if it unravels any other features that may not be available on the remote controller, but it is not needed to fly the drone. The application can be accessed simply by scanning the QR code. Find the drone’s WiFi name on your smartphone, connect it and launch the application. Tap the “Start” button to trigger the camera to be switched on with you being able to watch the video feed on the smartphone.

The arms need to be unfolded in the right order before flying, i.e. front arms need to be unfolded first.

Once the drone has been placed on a plain level surface, switch it on. Turn on the remote controller thereafter. Auto configuration will take a few moments and then you can get on with the flying business.


The basic principle behind the flight and functioning of Quadair Drone is the same as other toy drones out there in the market. It comes equipped with a barometric sensor that keeps the device stable at a certain height from the ground. However, the lack of connectivity to satellites via Global Positioning System (GPS) implies that it lacks the stability of other drones that have GPS on them.

It employs four brushless motors to keep it afloat in the air and manoeuvre it which is similar to several other drones.


  • Low quality 1080 pixel camera that is placed at a downward angle and hence the drone is unable to see what is in front of it
  • Auto configuration on a plain level surface so that the drone pilot does not need to tweak the trim at the outset when launching
  • Okayish flying for a toy drone; decent response to the controls on the remote controller
  • Auto launch and auto landing buttons
  • 30 meter range; beyond this range, the drone will not make its way back and you may end up losing it (based on reviews on Amazon page for E58 drone)
  • 6 to 12 minutes of battery timing while a number of consumers complained that their batteries lasted only for six minutes
  • Three flying speeds


The Quadair drone can be folded into a small size for comfortable backpacking or even to be stuffed in one’s jacket’s pockets.


It would be better if you accessed video footage captured by Quadair drone on YouTube. You will come across several low quality videos which are a hallmark of toy drones. There is a massive chasm between the video footage captured with Quadair drone and that with a DJI consumer drone.


Quadair drone cannot hold its own in extreme weather. Its flight software is devoid of any wind resistance algorithms. Based on reviews on Amazon page for E58 drone, even in slightly windy conditions, the drone is not able to keep itself stable.


If you are looking to have fun through a few minutes of flight and are not at all yearning to capture some scintillating video footage, then the Quadair drone may be a decent choice. Having said that, the poor quality of the device makes it reliant on your luck as to whether the copy that you received will help you have fun for a longer duration of time or not.


Yes, the Quadair Drone Pro is way too expensive. It is available at US$150 which may come down to US$100. Having said that, E58 drone which is the exact same model as Quadair drone, is available on Amazon for just US$40 which may even go down as low as US$20 during the holiday season.


I appreciate you finding out time to go through this post on how Quadair is scamming the toy drone industry. My posts encompass subjects of a more serious nature such as drone videography and photography of natural scenic views. Here is a link to some of the freshest stuff on drones. Ciao!