All You Need to Know About DJI Spark

A lot of speculation and conjecture has been doing the rounds for a significantly long time regarding DJI Spark. Well folks, the hour is at hand now and finally DJI Spark has been announced. It is a very compact sized, easily portable device that packs a power punch and is a must-have device for all the self proclaimed selfie-experts out there.

Introduction to DJI Spark

The news leaks regarding DJI Spark quite aptly portrayed the actual device. The DJI Spark is a fixed propeller arm quadcopter that is even smaller in size than the . It employs the very same retractable propeller technology in addition to a novel scheme that renders its manoeuvring and the controlling of camera as easy as you can imagine ever. What’s more, it is always vying to following your instructions given simply by the swish of your hands and arms.

The whole idea behind this contraption is rather simple. An entire crew is required to fly your Matrices drones while a second pilot is required to handle the camera or control the aircraft in the marvelous . In addition, you ought to possess a large backpack to transport your DJI Phantom drones from one place to another. And we have not started yet with all the planning and strategizing that has to be put into place in order to carrying these beasts via airplanes.

The DJI Mavic Pro was a new feather in the already decorated cap of the mighty DJI which was built based on a serious demand of the consumers who wanted a sleek machine that was easily portable and exceptionally easy to use. Not long ago, the DJI Mavic Pro was subject to the stringent registration procedure of the Federal Aviation Administration and their fail-safe rules and regulations. If you own a DJI Spark, you can quite comfortably bypass some of these rules.

The development of DJI Spark has been done focussing on the convenience of its users. It is extremely user-friendly, easily controllable and can be stuffed into your pockets. Your handheld mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are equipped with all these sublime features but they only give you a view of things that you already are viewing. DIJ Spark, on the other hand, shows you a completely different perspective to the narrative. It goes on to show the way you are enjoying your adventures and passing your everyday life.

With the drone facing you, you just have to press the power button and then let the machine take over from there. It will follow you using your gestures; point your palm towards the device and it will stay put at its place.

The DJI Spark has opened a new dimension into portability. It can be snuck into your pockets or in your wallet and you can transport it wherever you go. It is loaded with a similar range of cameras as those present in the Mavic Pro and so you need not to worry about the quality of photographs and videos. All the fun actually hinges on the way you manoeuvre this fine machine.

The drone does not have any large sized or aesthetically beautiful controller with it; albeit an option small sized one. You do not get a powerful portable flight controller equipped with latest technology that will give your connectivity with the drone to a distance of several miles. In fact, you only get a control range of about 1.2 miles but we recommend you to try flying it using your connected handheld mobile device. DJI have been updating their DJI Go 4 app for several months on a regular basis so perhaps it is the right time to put all those updated features to good use with the DJI Spark.


The DJI Spark does come with an optional specially designed flight controller but in reality, the main motive behind its development was to control it using merely the hands. The device uses its gesture recognition features to move about in accordance with the instructions issued by the user as he/she swishes his hand from takeoff till launch. You can get the device to capture some stunning photographs with a swish of your hand and then manoeuvre the machine by becoming a Jedi mind-freak. Point the palm of your hand to the Spark and its sensors positioned in the front will start to follow you wherever you go.

Hand gestures include:

  • Wave your hands to send the drone to a distance of about 10 feet
  • Create a closed box with your fingers to tell the drone it’s time to capture a photograph
  • Two handed wave and holding out your hand will tell the drone it’s time to land
  • Plenty more

You can also use additional controls via the dedicated optional remote control or your smartphone device along with the complete set of DJI smart features ranging from ActiveTrack, TapFly and many others.

What’s more, you can even put your top quality DJI Goggles to great use by connecting them with DJI Spark and enjoying the immersive digital user experience.

DJI Spark’s Quickshot features 

The Quickshot features have been recently introduced that include a number of modes of flight and allow for exceptionally comfortable editing options in the DJI Go 4 app. We intend to bring to you a detailed introduction to these features but for the purpose of this post, the Quickshot features include:

  • Rocket: With the camera facing in the downward trajectory, the drone races in the upward direction
  • Dronie: The camera faces the pilot while the drone flies slowly upward and gradually gets away from the subject
  • Circle: The camera focusses the pilot with drone flying around in circles
  • Helix: While focusing the pilot with its camera, the drone moves in the outward direction, in circles and in the upward direction randomly. Actually, it is a combination of the Dronie and Circle features.

Once you have been able to capture the video footage, you can get to editing it quite easily and quickly. You simply have to tap on a button in the DJI Go 4 app and your video will be edited automatically right down to the last minute with music added in the background as well.

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Add-ons and other options 

DJI has introduced a wide array of add-ons and accessories to assist the drone aficionados get the most fun out of their beloved DJI Spark. A detailed analysis of the stuff will be presented to you in a later post but the main items include propeller guards, charging hub and a charging box. The flight controller is optional, of course while you can also latch onto the DJI Goggles for some immersive FPV experience.

DJI is in the knack of introducing drones as standalone products and then gradually brings forth alternative packages alongside other add-ons. The DJI Spark Fly More bundle includes an additional battery pack, a carrying case, a charging hub and several other items. The best thing in the Fly More bundle is that it comes with the dedicated optional remote control.

The DJI Goggles can also be attached with the Spark and you will need to spend at least $450 to get them.

You can also tap into the DJI Care Refresh Program that is a kind of warranty plan that offers repair and maintenance services in addition to an exchange program. You can get your damaged drone exchanged twice under this scheme of things.

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DJI Spark Specifications

A bird’s eye view of the specifications portray the DJI Spark as a perfectly capable device. It accommodates a similar camera sensor to that housed in DJI Mavic Pro at 1/2.3 inch. Having said that, the DJI Spark can only capture video footage at 1080p resolution only. The camera is mounted on a gimbal that allows for extremely stable and steady images.

The DJI Spark boasts an optimum speed of 31 miles per hour which can only be triggered with the help of the optional remote control and with the Sport Mode turned on. But in order to do so, you will have your collision detection sensors and other smart features switched off automatically. Moreover, the DJI Spark is equipped with forward facing obstacle avoidance features only. The 1480mAh battery pack offers a flight duration of 16 minutes.

The Spark can hover over a certain location with the same precision as the Mavic Pro owing to the GPS and GLONAS features. It comes with sensors located in the front side that detect the pilot and also avoid collisions. As is the case with all the modern day drones, the Spark also comes loaded with the Return to Base functionality. You can either tap the button or wait for the drone to get back to its base station once its battery runs out of juice.

Here are the specifications in detail.

DJI Spark
Style Quadcopter
Size 6.69-inch (170 mm) diagonal without propellers

143 mm x 143 mm x 55 mm (5.62 x 5.62 x 2.16 inches)

Weight 0.66 lbs (300 g)
Max speed 31 mph
Max service ceiling 13,123 feet (4000 m)
Max ascent/descent speed 9.8 ft/s (3 m/s)
9.8 ft/s (3 m/s)
Battery 1,480mAh Lithium Polymer – Removable.
Battery life Max 16 minutes
Ensure safe landing: 12 minutes
Range Max 1.2 miles from controller
100 yards from mobile phone
Camera 1/2.3″ CMOS 12MP
Video recording FHD – 30fps (1920×1080)
We expect support for lower resolution and other frame rates, but nothing is listed yet.
Storage Up to 64GB micro SD
Remote controller 2.4GHz range
Max 1.2 mile operating range
2970 mAh rechargeable battery
Up to 7-inch tablet
microUSB, Lighting and USB Type-C
Mobile support Fly by Android or iOS device
use mobile device as FPV attached to optional controller
Mobile flight range Up to 80 m (262 feet) distance, 50m (164 feet) height at max speed 9 mph (14 km/h)
Flight modes ATTI, GPS, Visual
Follow-me: behind, in front, circle, side
Tap to fly map navigation
Return to homeNew Quickshot
Rocket, Dronie, Circle and Helix
Hover accuracy Horizontal: 1.5m GPS, 0.3m Vision
Vertical: 0.5m GPS, 0.1m Vision

Pricing, colors and availability

 We hope that we will be getting our hands on this cool device soon enough. We wish to bring out our detailed review as soon as we get to try it out. The standalone device can be had for $499 while the users can opt for the Fly More bundle for $699 that will include an additional battery, charging hub, carry case, dedicated remote control and more. You can place a pre-order right now. Shipping is likely to start midway through June.

You can place you order in one of the five available colors: blue, green, white, yellow or red.

Is the new DJI Spark worth all this anxious wait? Let us know in the comments section below.

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