New Crop Circles Captured by a Drone in UK

It was all a mighty dull affair for a couple of weeks before newly created crop circles were captured by a drone in the UK. According to the story brought forth by the Crop Circle Connector website, the first off the formations were identified on 21st May in Wilshire. The design basically represents a solar eclipse and boasts a striking similarity to the crop formations discovered way back in 2004 that portrayed another celestial incident. What makes this year’s crop circles so interesting is the fact that they have been identified almost three months before the actual event will take place. This was also an observation in 2004.

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We believe that this is not a case of a mere coincidence and opine that the creators of these crop circles consider solar eclipse as significantly crucial celestial events. Apart from giving us a glimpse into the aesthetic sense of the creators of these circles, this also goes onto show the importance they attribute tho consistency. Similar crop formations were then later identified on May 22, 2017 and gave rise to ferocious debates among the ranks of crop circle enthusiasts. A number of interpretations are being offered which vary from being centered around religious dogmas to superstitions. Having said that, there was an expert who came up with the theory that the formation appeared nothing short of a paranormal activity and promised to present plausible evidence supporting absence of human activity and the seamless intricacy involved. The third formation to have been discovered is a tremendous specimen of a labyrinthine design and is an immaculate blend of a couple of other formations identified not so long ago in the same year.

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Here’s a video giving you a glimpse of the wonderful crop circles.

YouTube video

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