Radio Frequencies

27MHz Band

These are illegitimate radio frequencies for all the drone traffic out there. So, never ever think about using it.

Why is 35MHz Band one of the best radio frequencies?

This is the most commonly used frequency band in the drone FPV world and offers the benefit of long range which can be as long as 1 mile with conventional FPV gear.|

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The drawback associated with these radio frequencies is that other pilots may accidentally hop onto it which will result in interference and hence your drone will come crashing down. It is prudent to keep track of channels assigned to all the pilots in your surroundings.

Here is a list of channels and their associated frequencies.

Channel 55 34.950 Channel 67 35.070 Channel 79 35.190
Channel 56 34.960 Channel 68 35.080 Channel 80 35.200
Channel 57 34.970 Channel 69 35.090 Channel 81 35.210
Channel 58 34.980 Channel 70 35.100 Channel 82 35.220
Channel 59 34.990 Channel 71 35.110 Channel 83 35.230
Channel 60 35.000 Channel 72 35.120 Channel 84 35.240
Channel 61 35.010 Channel 73 35.130 Channel 85 35.250
Channel 62 35.020 Channel 74 35.140 Channel 86 35.260
Channel 63 35.030 Channel 75 35.150 Channel 87 35.270
Channel 64 35.040 Channel 76 35.160 Channel 88 35.280
Channel 65 35.050 Channel 77 35.170 Channel 89 35.290
Channel 66 35.060 Channel 78 35.180 Channel 90 35.300

Now, let us share with you how you can identify the correct channel number of an untagged crystal:

If the crystals describe the frequency but not the channel then how can you identify the accurate channel?

You can do a bit of math to figure out the exact channel.

If the crystal is market with 34._ then simply subtract 40 after the decimal point. For instance, if the crystal is market with 34.950, then subtract, subtract 40 from 95 which will leave you with 55 and this is the assigned channel.

If the crystal is marked with 35._ then add 60 after the decimal point. For instance, if the crystal is marked with 35.180, simply add 60 to 18 and we will get 78 as our assigned channel. Similarly, if we have 35.240, then by adding 60 to 24, we get 84 as our designated channel.

A sticker portraying approval or official CE marking is required for all gear working at 35MHz frequency. If you own a 35MHz equipment and do not have any markings on it, it will be considered illicit to be used in the UK.

2.4GHz Band

This is a handy choice of band and is being widely used in the drone world. It offers decent enough range and does not create any troubles even when you are flying with your fellow dronies. The 2.4GHz band makes use of the Frequency Hopping Spectrum Spread Technology (FHSS) which implies that the output of the transmitter switches between numerous channels by not sticking to a single channel all the time. This prevents any conflict that may take place among different channels. If you own a 35MHz radio and intend to upgrade to the contemporary 2.4GHz radio, it is quite easy. You can buy the 2.4GHz upgrade kit, which blends telemetry connection with your FPV aircraft and lets you keep track of your battery’s life.

Here is an interesting video that discusses frequency hopping technology is simple words.

YouTube video

UHF Band

The 433MHz UHF band is used for long-range flight adventures and can offer a range as large as 25Km while some claiming that they have gone as far as 70Km away.

These radio frequencies band is not legitimate in the UK and is widely used in other countries.

So, you will not be able to purchase any UHF radio controllers from the UK.

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You will need to ensure compatibility with your current radio controller and connect the UHF unit to it. Generally, you need to connect only the power wires along with a PPM signal that allows the UHF system to transmit.

Here is another informative video about long range flights and how you can tinker your system to achieve it.

YouTube video

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