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I’ve been treated to a number of amazing and fabulous looking remote-controlled jets, planes and helicopters over the summer. As a matter of fact, I came across a guy who was flying his awesome remote-controlled device upside down and performing all those magnificent and mind-boggling maneuvers such as flips and rolls and so much of other cool stuff.

This article features:
– Types of best RC Helicopters
– Best RC Helicopters with Different Features & Prices


The Sky shutter Helicam RC Helicopter is not a toy by any stretch of imagination. It lets the dronies capture some breathtaking aerial photographs and incredibly smooth video footages and is certainly an astonishing piece of technology enriched with features that would blow any sane soul away. The device is controlled by two individuals; and mind you this is a must! One has to take control over the flying part while the other one is responsible for the camera.

The helicopter runs on a battery which is charged by electricity and weighs about 30 lbs. What really is fantastic about this machine is its tremendous capability to carry heavy payloads. In fact, the splendid device can carry up to 6 lbs of camera equipment ranging from Single-Lens Reflex Cameras (SLRs) to High Definition (HD) cameras.

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Types of best RC Helicopters

As soon as you attach the camera to the helicopter, it can be tilted and panned and gives you such high quality visuals the likes of which you would tend to associate with the shots taken from real-life monster helicopters. Checkout following top RC Helicopters with different features and prices.






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