A drone photography competition was recently arranged by SkyPixel in collaboration with DJI. SkyPixel is an online drone photo-sharing community while DJI are the entrenched market leaders in manufacturing professional grade quadcopters. Both the organizers have recently announced the winner of the contest in their respective categories. More than 27,000 participants from around 131 countries took part in the contest.

Ge Zheng was the winner of the 2016 SkyPixel Photo of the Year with the picture titled “Fishermen Close their Nets Down”. The image was captured in Fujian Province of China. Take a look at the stunning image. 


Ge ZhengA jury consisting of the leading photographers were responsible for choosing the winning photographs. The jury included revered members such as photojournalists from the Time and Conde Nast TravelerGe Zheng was awarded the DJI Inspire 2 DJI Mavic Pro Epson Moverio BT-300 smart glasses, an Epson SureColor P400 Wide Format Photo Printer and an Adobe Creative Cloud Photo membership. 

Here are the photographs placed at the first, second and the third spot in each of the categories.

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Category: Professional – Beauty

First Prize “Discovery”


Second Prize “Selfie at the Spillway”

Spillway Selfie

Third Prize “Mother Earth”

The Earth

Category: Professional – Drones in Use

First Prize “Drone and Dronie: What a Morning”


A Happy MorningSecond Prize “Phantom Meets Nature”

Meet the Phantom

Third Prize “Drone in Action”

Drone in Action

Category: Professional – 360 Photos

First Prize “Night Full of Stars”

The Starry Night

Second Prize “Lakes Obscura”


Hidden Lakes in 360Third Prize “Danxia Sunset in 360”


Sunset in DanxiaCategory: Enthusiast – Beauty

First Prize “Above that bridge”


Above Bridge

Second Prize “Waves in Green”

green waves
Third Prize “Rivers of Ice”


Ice RiverCategory: Enthusiast – Drones in Use

First Prize “Beetle”


Second Prize “Inspire on Top”

Inspire in Use

Third Prize “Phantom Capture Mother Nature”

The Phantom of The Earth

Category: Enthusiast – 360 Photos

First Prize “The Hovering Ink of Tianshan Mountain”

Flying Ink of Tianshan Mountain

Second Prize “Chengdu at the time of sunset”

Sunset of Chengdu

Third Prize “Clouds all over Laojunshan”

The Sea of Clouds in Laojunshan

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