Spektrum DX9 Transmitter

Spektrum DX9 9-Channel DSM2/DSMX Transmitter Mode



The spektrum DX9 transmitter boasts a number of feature that render it as the most desirable one in the 9-channel category. Some of the main features include the voice alert, wireless trainer option and the intuitiveness and friendliness in programming and configuration that can only be provided by Spektrum. The simple to program and yet highly powerful airware operating system has the unique ability to transform complex configurations into easy ones while simultaneously allowing dronies to extract the most fun out of their drone flying experience.

The Spektrum DX9 transmitter also includes the voice alerts feature which ensure that more value is added to telemetry. Moreover, a complete package of top-notch telemetry sensors is also provided that allow you to implement a fully inbuilt voice feedback system.

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Features of Spektrum DX9 Transmitter 

  • 9 well-proportioned channels
  • Switch and stick assignment that can be configured by the user
  • Voice alerts whereby the Spektrum DX9 transmitter speaks to the user in five different languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian and French) to provide information related to telemetry
  • Wireless trainer function equipped with model match – this feature lets the instructors deal with multiple students simultaneously without having to re-bind to each one of them individually
  • Almost unlimited model memory – the Spektrum DX9 transmitter is capable of storing a list of 250 models. Only that model list is displayed by the transmitter that is set up by the user
  • Direct system menu can be accessed – you do not need to switch off the transmitter to get access to the key system menu
  • Active gyroscope and governor trim in helicopter, 3-axis gyroscope compatibility for aircraft – users can adjust gyroscope gain for all three axis during flight
  • The absolute travel function lets you prevent servo motors from being over-driven when using mixes
  • Backlit LCD screen with a high resolution of 192 x 96  
  • Users can select one of the four modes of flight while the mode 2 is set by default
  • Model setups can be fine tuned with the help of the 7 point curves so that mixes and pitch/throttle curves can be adjusted with absolute precision
  • With the help of the helicopter E Ring, cyclic servos can be prevented from being driven in over drive electronically
  • The Spektrum DX9 transmitter integrates forward programming capability which lets the users benefit from the newly released components by Spektrum
  • SD card is provided for file backup, Bind-N-Fly configurations and operating system updates
  • Compatible with any DSM2 or DSMX airplane receiver

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