Striders S6 Inverted Flying Quadcopter Review

Striders S6 is what we are going to look at in our current article. It is a moderately sized quadcopter that includes exclusive features such as inverted flight, flip mode and a pretty decent flight duration of 8-9 minutes.

In terms of the design, the great innovation that the manufacturers went for was positioning the propellers below the body with their face towards the ground. The legs have also been shaped like an eagle’s claws which serve as landing paraphernalia and also act as prop guards as and when required.


When the inverted flight mode button is pressed, the quadcopter flips about 180 degrees as it enters the inverted flight in which the drone flies upside down. All the remaining features function the same way as before while you can easily switch to the normal mode by hitting the button again.

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One can compare the Striders S6 to the JJRC H22 which costs about $18 and boasts only a 220mAh battery. The Striders S6, on the other hand, has a 400mAh battery and offers an enhanced flight duration. Hence, you can get additional flight duration for five dollars or so and we can’t find any reason why wouldn’t you go for a deal such as this.


While having a look at the radio controller, it is pretty much basic stuff. We have the buttons to trigger the flipping mode and getting the inverted mode activated. And that’s almost it! You can view the illustration below to get an idea of the key configuration used for this radio transmitter.


The Striders S6 is not the great feature-rich machine that you will find in the market these days. But considering its cost and comparing the benefits that one gets for the cost, it looks pretty handy. The inverted flight mode, longer flight duration and a tiny size make this device a cool one for both indoor and outdoor flights. You can get your own Striders S6 by clicking on the button below.

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