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Use of Drones in Child Development and STEM Learning

Video games are adored by children but there are certain compatible alternatives that can be employed to get them away from the virtual world and help them venture out into the real world. Drone technology is expanding at an incredible rate with every passing day and the sale of consumer drones is also growing at an alarming pace along with that of commercial drones. Drones are being used by more and more people and quite a few of them are using them for their kids. These machines are being utilized by parents in the development of their kid’s brains and sharpening of their motor skills. Here are some of the ways drones are assisting children in the STEM learning environment and how flying drones can aid their development from other perspectives.


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STEM Learning

A number of parents will not be acquainted with STEM learning since a vast majority of local district schools are yet to adopt the curriculum for interested students. In the more advanced areas of the country, schools are turning to adopting this novel approach which focuses the following four areas: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Students engaged in this curriculum dedicate bulk of their time to these four areas which turn out to be neglected ones when it comes to typical public education cases. This can provide a stable platform to a child interested in one of these key areas and provide him or her with the basic knowledge that could be beneficial in the days to come.

Venture out from the virtual world to the real world

Video games can turn out to be controlling from being seemingly harmless in a child’s life. According to an article published in the US National Library of Medicine, use of video games and internet more than that required can hamper the development of requisite social skills in children. The issue is that the American Medical Association has not be able to describe a certain threshold that could help us identify the extent of video games and internet usage that could be spelled as too much or excessive for kids. The best way is to ensure that children are provided compatible alternatives that compel them to move away from the virtual world and venture out into the real world.

Getting to know how drones work

The opportunity to fly drones enable kids to explore how they work. Each and every component is essential to the stable flight operations of a drone. Your child will operate a drone in a different manner and it will enable him or her to figure out how the machine responds to different commands. That is exactly why drones are important in STEM learning. Being able to fly a drone will ensure that a child is aware of the working and functioning of different components and also to find out ways to replicate the different drone operations themselves.

Getting familiarized with mathematics

There are a number of kids who are good at mathematics but a vast majority of them tend to be at odds with the subject as things get more complicated and they enter the higher grades. This has driven teachers to adopt novel techniques in ensuring that the information being taught is more practicable and easier to comprehend for students who are having a tough time with mathematics. According to an eLearning Industry article, drones are an important part of this novel technique which works to solve different math problems related to proportions and other similar concepts. Hey, flying a drone during a mathematics class could be so much fun and it could be something for the students to look forward to.

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Enhancement of cognitive skills

Parents and teachers have been actively pursuing to enhance cognitive development in kids for the past few decades. New approaches are being introduced along with new tools to assist children solve different problems and figure out the environment they are currently in. Drones are playing an important role in ensuring that a number of these things are gelled together into a nice combination. We have already discussed the approaches used by parents and teachers with regard to drones to assist kids in better comprehending the complex concepts of mathematics and other applied fields of the STEM learning approach. Drones also play a pivotal role in helping kids solve problems and bring about modifications in drone flights in accordance with the varying environments. This provides the kids with a great opportunity to assess the surroundings and also assists them in keeping track of the changes in the environmental conditions and the impact they can have on the operation of their drone.

Development of hand-eye coordination in STEM Learning

Video games were once deemed a great source that assisted in the development of hand-eye coordination skills in kids. However, this is not as universal as it is believed to be. The Encyclopedia of Children’s Health claims that drones can help children in this field way better than video games. A pilot needs to be constantly vigilant while flying a drone and it ensures that the brain emits neurons and transmit signals faster and hence polishes a kid’s hands-eye coordination. Moreover, there are number of games that are being introduced in the market that do not bolster hand-eye coordination. So, the introduction of drones to your children can certainly sharpen their reflexes and the speed at which they think and make a decision.

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Coding and advanced sciences

Most of the schools pursuing STEM program are not only concerned with letting kids fly and operate drones. As a matter of fact, they let them rip it open and teach them design their own drone. This process is great at encouraging kids adopt advanced subjects such as coding and engineering as it inspires them employ their innovative skills and also focus on the role of each component in ensuring stable flight of their drone. Tynker, a website that is geared towards teaching children coding, has come up with several programs that can assist educators in these STEM programs to apply the basic knowledge children have to build their own drones from the ground up and program flight patterns that are independent of physical controllers.

Best drone for your kid

An article published recently on Drone forum encourages parents and educators related to STEM schools and programs to choose only certain kinds of drones for their kids. It is advisable to opt for a moderately sized quadcopter if you are required to finance a drone for one of the school projects assigned to your kid. The framework is more reliable and long lasting in contrast to the other frameworks available on the market and the moderate size makes it easier for the kids to control the machine since they are obviously not well-versed with flying such an intricate machine. Here is our comprehensive guide on best drones for kids and young flyers if you are looking for an ideal drone for your kid.

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The Upshot

You might have been of the view that drones are too complicated an equipment for your kid to maneuver or that there is not pragmatic reason for your kid to own a drone. However, drones can be instrumental in ensuring optimum development of your kid and also keep them away from the adverse effects of video games and television. STEM learning is still making its way in the curriculum but it is the future for sure.

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