Zero Gravity Space Drone sends pictures from Space Station

Japan’s space agency has recently released pictures captured by their zero gravity drone stationed at the International Space Station (ISS). The Internal Ball Camera Drone was designated to capture video footages and images of the staff at work at the ISS.

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The drone is capable of floating around in the zero gravity environment and is operated directly from the earth. The images and videos give a glimpse into the life on the ISS. According to Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the drone was sent to the ISS in June. The agency claims that the drone is able to move about autonomously and capture images and videos from any angle required.

Zero Gravity Drone

The main purpose of the drone is to take over the capturing of images and videos from astronauts and document their work, practices and experiments. According to the space agency, almost 10% of the workload of the astronauts is reduced thanks to the little ball of cuteness. The images and videos are transmitted to the earth in real time and allow the controllers and researchers at the ground station to analyze the ISS staff’s work and experiments from the same viewpoint as themselves.

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Source: BBC

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