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13 top drone startups to look into in 2021

Do you feel that the drone industry has peaked? Maybe not. Perhaps, few innovative ideas keep coming into the world of drones, as shown by these top drone startupsGENIUS NY, a business program at CenterState CEO’s Tech Garden, is associated with high-tech entrepreneurship. Recently, they announced the semi-finalists in the 5th round of the annual business competition. By doing that, they uncovered some of the most formidable startups prioritized by the drone industry.

The top drone startups everyone should watch out for

The competition looked into almost 600 companies across the board as the top drone startups spread around 50 companies from fields such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data. Now, those 600 startups are brought down to 13. The 13 semi-finalist startups were from six different countries (Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Israel, and the US). Below, we have mentioned those 13 semi-finalists:

Airlai Robotics

  • Airlai Robotics
  • Airtonomy
  • Airwayz
  • Birdstop
  • CarScanner
  • Circle Optics
  • Fusion Engineering
  • Organic Robotics
  • Reign Maker
  • Robodub
  • SmartSpace AI
  • Voltela 
  • Windshape (Geneva, Switzerland): Windshape is an organization that manages the designs, and operates digital wind facilities. It is an outlet for wind tunnels. It is associated with drone certification. 

These top drone startups were selected based on factors such as their scalability. Most importantly, they are selected based on their ability to display technological innovations and the team makeup. Now, as they are selected, they will be moving to Central New York, where they will open their business offices in The Tech Garden.


In the drone world, New York is famous for New York’s Griffiss International Airport, which was one of the FAA-designed unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) test sites in the US. They are massive fans of the recent top drone startups in the market today. There is a 50-mile drone corridor, which is a digital corridor containing the connectivity of sensors and radar. The objective of this corridor is to enable drone companies to conduct drone tests and test Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) technology in the current settings. 

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