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Top Consumer Drone Companies

The extent to which the consumer drone companies has flourished over the past couple of years is nothing but bewildering. The drone industry is still going through its early years but there are companies out there that have become entrenched market leaders and are giving tough competition to other players in the field. There are some manufacturers that are known the world over for developing drones that are low cost and reliable.

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There are also drone companies that are popular for developing machines that are stable, provide control to the pilot and offer some stunning flight characteristics in addition to longer flight durations. These top of the line drones serve as a perfect foil for capturing stunning aerial video footages and photographs. Moreover, they have made it possible to carry out tasks that were once deemed to be only possible with the help of helicopters and aircrafts of significantly larger sizes.

DJI Drone Companies

DJI have their headquarters situated in Shenzhen which is also known as China’s Silicon Valley. Direct access to suppliers, raw materials and young, talented crop of engineers are the primary reason for DJI’s phenomenal success over the past few years. From a single small office in 2006, DJI have expanded into a massive workforce of over 6,000 employees as their offices are also located in the US, Germany, Holland, Japan, China and Hong Kong. DJI are a privately owned and operated enterprise and give much importance to their own vision as they take pride in producing innovative products for commercial as well as non-profit purposes.

Industries are going through unbelievable revolutions thanks to DJI. Experts in cinematography, agriculture, energy conservation, search and rescue, infrastructure and other fields are highly dependent on DJI for redefining their work ethics and help them achieve heights that once were nothing but a distant dream.

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Parrot is renowned for developing and promoting some of the most intricate wireless multimedia products in collaboration with some of the world’s most intelligent and smart minds. With Parrot AR. Drone as their flagship product, Parrot are endeavoring to take over the drone industry. AR. Drone is the first small unmanned aircraft system that uses a WiFi connection and augmented reality. With such innovations, Parrot is attempting to add new perspectives to the lives and work ethics of consumers and commercial enterprises around the globe.

With over 750 employees the world over, Parrot have their headquarters stationed in Paris and earn most of their sales from overseas.

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3D Robotics Drone Companies

Solo, the first smart drone of the world, was introduced by 3DR in 2015. Solo employs cutting edge technology to ensure that aerial cinematography and photography becomes accessible to rookie drone companies and those with limited financial resources. And similar to the smartphone case study, Solo has been able to make a transition from the consumer drone industry to the commercial drone industry owing to its prolific success.

In the spring of 2016, 3DR came up with Site Scan which is a user-friendly and extremely powerful open aerial analytics platform that allows for seamless aerial data collection; thereby allowing virtually anyone to carry out physical asset management and analysis as and when required. 3DR have also collaborated with some of the world’s entrenched market leaders such as Sony and Autodesk to carry out simple, high resolution reality capture using their Solo drone.

Yuneec: Drone Companies

Yuneec started out by producing unmanned aerial vehicles for model-making drone companies. They have always believed safety to be an important factor that gains traction among users in addition to usability and flight characteristics.

Their drones are being used for search and rescue missions by the fire fighters, coast guards and other law enforcement agencies. Yuneec strongly envisages that a view from the sky is always an added advantage in case of emergency situations for the emergency response squads.

They have always banked on accessibility, affordability and lateral thinking. Theirs’ has been a story of success beginning from their very first ready to fly fixed wing aircraft to their high-end electric drone and top of the line aerial quadcopters designed for cinematography. Over the past 15 years, Yuneec has been able to create a revolution in the field of electric aviation through their innovative approaches.

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EHang are one of the leading drone companies who have excelled in developing top quality smart drones and have their headquarters stationed in Guangzhou. They also have their offices located in California, Dusseldorf, Beijing and Shanghai. Their mission is to let mankind fly freely like a bird, in pursuit of which they have developed one of the most user-friendly smart drones known as GhostDrone 2.0.

The amazing GhostDrone 2.0 features controls by EHang Play app, AVATAR flight mode and an immersive digital aerial cinematography experience that has captured the imagination of people from all over the world. The beginning of the year 2016 saw EHang coming up with their innovative, safe, smart, intelligent and environment friendly drone known as EHang184 that is being touted as an excellent solution for communication and transportation.

The senior management consists of executives from 21Vianet Group, Microsoft, Lenovo and Foxconn and a total workforce of 300 employees. EHang have been able to make a mark for themselves in the consumer drone market and are best known to be an enterprise who knows how to punch above their weight.

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Walkera Technology Co. Ltd was established way back in 1994 and have now become one of the fiercest forces in the drone production industry ever since. They are the market leaders when it comes to research and development, drone production, marketing and state of the art customer relationship.

In addition to research, Walkera excels in the development of affordable small-scale drones that are accessible among the masses. They offer an extensive range of solutions for a wide array of commercial enterprises including, but not limited to, agriculture, search and rescue, survey, land mapping, inspection, energy infrastructure etc.

They are the owners of two sub-brands and have also established completely owned subsidiaries in North America and Europe. Their products are exported to more than a 100 countries in the world and are a great source of providing exhilarating flight experience to millions of users across the globe.

They strongly believe that success is not possible without support and cooperation from their customers. So, they have always prioritized producing innovative and imaginative products that are in accordance with the individual preferences of their customers.

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Located in Shantou, China, Syma are renowned for their unmanned aerial helicopters. However, they have also stepped into the world of drones and their prolific X5C along with the X5C-1 Explorer 2015 Version is Amazon’s best selling products. Syma X11 mini quadcopter is one of the most popular devices to have been manufactured by the drone companies while the Syma X5SW Plus quadcopter drone is making ripples among the fans with their FPV equipped machines.

In addition to consumer drones and helicopters, Syma also manufactures quadcopters and remote controlled cars and quadcopters hybrid. The Syma X5C is one of the best drones for the beginners to have hit the shelves ever and is one of the very best for those who want to get themselves acquainted with the art and science of flying a drone.

Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics have their headquarters stationed in Bothell WA. Aiming to portray creativity and imagination through their products, Autel have gathered a pool of experienced professionals who are passionate about developing drones that are intelligent, smart and affordable. This is one of the drone companies that have been able to manufacture drones based on cutting edge technology to redefine the perspectives of enterprises the world over.

Customer is always at the heart of development process when it comes to Autel Robotics. Usability is a crucial aspect that is evident through their products as they have always strived to employ complex technology to create solutions that are in accordance with the exact requirements of their loyal customers. Autel Robotics excel in delivering cost-effective and top quality solutions that have captured the imagination of their customers for years.

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The Blade range of quadcopters are primarily responsible for the massive success of this brand. Their drones are integrated with state of the art technology called as SAFE that ensures that flying drones is as easy and safe as it can get. Horizon Hobby are the owners of Blade and have their headquarters located in Champaign, Illinois. Blade Nano QX is a leading drone designed specifically for the beginners and is one of the most recent machines to have been introduced by the brand.

Customer experience is something that Blade have always given a tremendously high priority to. They always believe in providing top notch RC solutions that are based on high-end unmanned aerial vehicle stabilization, 2.4GHz control and ready to fly units that make this hobby accessible and affordable for people belonging to all walks of life.

They always want to repay loyalty with loyalty to their customers and claim that they never attempt to use their competitor products in order to gain monetary gains. They claim that all their products are manufactured by a team of dedicated, experienced and learned engineers who put in concerted efforts to bring up solutions that will blow the minds away of their customers.

In addition to providing top quality devices, Horizon Hobby are always concerned about the customer feedback and always offer warranty repairs, maintenance programs, and comprehensive online resources. They first started working in 1985 and despite the passage of a couple of decades, their zeal and motivation for the development of top quality products has not diminished.

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Hubsan are a household name among drone companies from all over the world. Their headquarters are located in Dong, China and they are considered a force to be reckoned with when it comes to developing drones for the novices, intermediate drone pilots as well as the professional ones. Their X4 drones has been able to achieve massive traction among the consumers from all over the world.

The Hubsan X4 H107 includes propeller guards that ensures bolstered security and is available at an extremely realistic price. Their devices portray full directional control support and let their users control them without any hindrance with the mere flick of their fingers. The users can switch between their expert and beginner modes. LED lights allow for high visibility for nighttime excursions. The joystick is integrated with a LCD screen that is also fitted with a 2.4GHz transmitter.

Hubsan Hornet Quadcopter is one the best devices out there that has been designed to provide a stunning flying experience both indoors and outdoors. It features USB charging so you can charge your device right next to your computer. Moreover, the LED lights are available in four different colors while 6-axis gimbal ensures enhanced stability during flights. The user can attach or detach the HD camera as and when required which affects the payload and hence the flight duration of the device.

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UDI RC: Drone Companies

UDI RC are making a name for themselves in the most wanted drone companies as well as in the drone manufacturing industry because of their affordable and top quality hobby-grade devices. They were established in 2010 and have been producing decent quality drones, helicopters and vehicles ever since. Creativity and durability are the basic mantra of their devices that they have always strived to pursue.

UDI RC have a pool of talented and dexterous engineers in Shenzhen Research and Development Center and are always on the lookout for producing machines that have the ability to capture the imagination of consumers. With every passing year, they are producing top notch products dedicated to beginners who are still in the process of learning how to fly a drone.

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