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20 Best Drone Photographs

The images captured by drones are nothing but spectacular. In the absence of such marvelous machines, it would have been virtually impossible to capture images that have been captured by aerial photographers. Just imagine, drones being able to capture videos and photographs from an altitude that may be a bit less than that attained by an airplane, but substantially more than what could be captured with a camera mounted on a stand or terminal. They are able to flawlessly capture an aerial perspective of the objects they intend to target.

The previous year gave us some magnificent insight into the pictures captured by these spectacular machines. With advancement in technology, these images became better in quality and they rendered the task of taking photographs with a drone easier for photographers. Despite the fact that there were tons of superb images captured by drones and made available to the public, we have compiled a list of the top twenty images. These are not listed in any particular order but are definitely the best drone photographs of the last year.


Water Lily

This spectacular image portrays a woman in a pond in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. The woman is harvesting water lilies in the photograph. This image is a brilliant depiction of lovely water lilies floating around the canoe and the woman busy in carrying out her job. The sublime blend of green and pink colors in the image is simply breathtaking.

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Concrete Jungle

This image is captioned as “concrete jungle” and depicts the aerial view of tall skyscrapers of Dubai. You can view in the photograph that it has been captured from an amazingly high altitude and it is a testimony of the wonderful technology that has become a part of these modern day drones. The image also shows the sidewalks and substantially smaller buildings in the image below.

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The third image portrays a couple of ladies lying on the beach on the Island of Maupiti in French Polynesia. The drone was also able to capture a pair of stringrays approaching the ladies in the shallower waters. The splendid blend of the sandy beach along with the crystal clear waters render this image more meaningful than ever and aptly corroborates the caption assigned to this superb image.

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Dawn on Mercury Tower

 This astounding aerial drone photograph captures audacious men carrying out window cleaning on a skyscraper in the Russian capital, Moscow. The glowing reddish color captured in the image is responsible for the image being attributed to as Mercury Tower. The viewer can also picture the fabulous skyline of the city in the window panes of the massive structure of concrete.

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Stairway to Heaven

Have you ever been wondering if you could ever access heaven? Well, I suppose this image tells you that it is actually possible. This fantastic image portrays the staircase leading to a mind-blowing beach in Algarve, Portugal. The staircase has been created in the side of a cliff and the multiple flights of steps leads to a marvelous beach that seems to be deserted. Probably, all the folks at the beach are climbing up the staircase in their search for the heaven!

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Majestic Beach Nanuk

This prolific image captures a massive polar bear crosses one segment of ice and jumps onto another one in a bid to make his way across the sea. The bear can be seen fully stretched across the body of water as it attempts to move onto the other piece of ice. The mind-blowing serenity captured in the image along with the soothing blue and white colors are tremendous attributes of this photograph.

This is an incredible image of a lovely cottage situated in a region between New York and Canada. The photographer intends to portray the rising waters and the fall season setting in. The entire cottage is surrounded by the massive body of water and one seems to wonder how the residents would manage to make their way to this splendid resort. Probably, they would be using some boat or may be a manned drone? Who knows! Nevertheless, the photograph depicts the magnificent shelter and the autumn tree fighting against all odds and serves as a great inspiration.

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Portuguese Surfer

This photograph was captured in the waters of Portugal in the month of February. This magnificent image depicts frigid waters and the resolve of a man who paddles through them without being intimidated by their coldness and magnitude.

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Quad Bikes in Dunes

This versatile photograph shows four quads along with their riders accompanied by their shadows as they traverse across the humungous desert dunes in the Namibian desert. The aerial view of the image gives the feeling as if the quads are gliding their way across the brown silk in all their awe and majesty.

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Swimming with Whales

This incredible photograph captures a massive blue whale swimming unbelievably close to a lone diver above the water’s surface. The amazing topography of the ocean floor is the main reason the drone was able to capture the varying depths of water from the air.

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Exploring the Kefalonia Melissani Cave

The aerial photograph captures a deserted boat in the middle of the body of water in the Kefalonia Melissani Cave in Greece. The boat is surrounded by massive rocks and awe-inspiring greenery and serene blue waters of the ocean.

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You must be wondering that it is a painting portrayed on a canvas but in reality, it is depicts gardeners picking marigolds on a farm in Sukhothai, Thailand. It displays the pristine beauty of the landscape along with the hard work that is being accomplished by the tireless gardeners as they fill up their buckets with the gorgeous marigolds.

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Sveti Stefan Hotel

The Sveti Stefan Hotel in Montenegro has been covered in this wonderful image which was taken from incredibly high altitude. It expertly displays the varying angles at which the brick-colored concrete structure is sitting and portrays the enormity of the hotel as it can only be reached to via a bridge across a huge body of water.

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Cruising Route 66

This fabulous image will make nostalgia rush through your body as it portrays a beautiful couple riding a fantastic blue colored Ford Mustang while driving through the Route 66. The woman in the passenger’s seat is enjoying every bit of the action with her arms pointed upwards as the photographer has been able to capture the phenomenal care-free mood of the riders.

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Tropical Island Beach

The image captures the sun setting down at the beach of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. The photograph also covers the wonderful shadows that are cast by the massive palm trees which gives an impression that the beach is brimming with trees while the reality is just the opposite. The vibrantly painted surfboards can also be seen stuck in the brown silk with the crystal clear waters just beside them.

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Cracked Mud Boating

The drone photographer has been able to capture an amazing spectacle in this fabulous photograph. A family seems to be riding a boat as they cross a body of water that is apparently incredibly shallow. The bottom of the water looks like cracked mud. Moreover, the image also depicts the astounding whirls of water as the boatmen rows the boat gently through the water. The golden beam of light reflecting from the body of water gives it a semblance of gold water.

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Motorbike Bridge over River in Thailand

This spectacular photograph shows a couple of motorbike riders as they traverse their way across a bridge over a river in Thailand while the water waves collide against the massive structure. The marvelous blue and white colors of the water waves makes it absolutely impossible to figure out if the waves are rushing towards the bike riders or they are falling down from a massive height.

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Salt Fields of Bac Lieu on the Mekong Delta

This splendid image portrays the salt fields in all their awe and splendor and is definitely a treat to watch for those who have never seen a salt field ever in their life. The image also displays mounts of salt with people on top of them; thereby alluding the supremacy of man over all resources available on this planet.

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Rio De Janeiro

This pristine image shows a woman lying down on a beach all care-free with the waves of water making their way towards her. The photograph highlights the relaxed and care-free attitude of the woman as she sits unperturbed about the water waves rushing towards her on the brown silk of a sand.

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The aerial photograph portrays hippopotamus in the Serengeti National Park. A number of hippos taking bath in muddy water, some submerged and some rising above the surface, makes this image a treat to watch.

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The Bottom Line

These are such unbelievable images that were captured in the previous year and it further raises our expectations beyond imagination as we anticipate images better in quality than these to be captured by drones in the coming year. As drone batteries are getting better with every passing day and we are going to enter in an era where a drone will be staying for incredibly longer periods of time than ever before, we will be getting to see images of areas never reach before. In addition, the camera quality is also continuously improving so there is no doubt that the drone photographs of the coming years will be better than ever.

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