Drone Training Colleges

20 Best Drone Training Colleges

Here is an extensive list of US drone schools and in this post we are going to share with you the top-ranked drone training colleges that offer degrees to UAVs or UASs. Our ranking criteria is based on reputation, accreditation, the degree of hands-on instruction, diversity of courses and programs offered, job placement statistics and general reviews given by the students and beneficiaries of the programs. These parameters are then balanced out with the opinions of the drone enthusiasts with regard to what they expect from a drone school.

We hope that this ranking list will go a long way in assisting the aspirants of drone education get access to the school of their choice and then get on a career path that leads them to success. Having said that, keep in mind that the kind of job you are yearning for plays a significant role in choosing the right drone school. For instance, if you intend to become a drone engineer then the best school for a drone operator is not what you should be looking for.

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Without wasting any time, let’s get going then!


The best drone training colleges

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach, FL)

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Being one of the best drone training colleges in the world, Bachelors and Masters degree programs are offered by the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University which is suitable for aspirants whether they are looking to build drones or fly them. With a high job placement rate of 93%, this is the top-ranked drone training school on our list.

Kansas State University Polytechnic (Salina, KS)

Kansas State University Polytechnic

Slated as one of the best aviation universities in the country, the Kansas State University Polytechnic offers plenty of hands-on instruction while offering courses in both aviation flight and UAS maintenance and operation.

University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, ND)

University of North Dakota

Being one of the most formidable drone training colleges, the University of North Dakota is the first college in the country to offer a four-year UAV piloting degree called as the Bachelors of Science in Aeronautics with majors in UAS operations.

Indiana State University (Terre Haute, IN)

University of North Dakota

The Indiana State University offers a Bachelors of Science in Unmanned Systems along with a minor in Unmanned Systems. The faculty has participated in drone industry conferences and forged formidable collaborations with public and private sector enterprises.

Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK)

Oklahoma State University

The degree programs offered at the Oklahoma State University are geared towards offering students hands-on analysis, design, construction, and flight testing of UAS platforms. The university has its own dedicated UAS test facility as well.

Lewis University (Romeoville, IL)

Lewis University

The Lewis University offers a Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Aircraft Systems which is a program based on Operations centered curriculum. The aim of the program is to assist students in designing, developing and operating customized UAS via an interdisciplinary curriculum.

LeTourneau University (Longview, TX)

LeTourneau University

The LeTourneau University is offered a Bachelor of Science degree program in Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems with an aim to help students learn to design, program, test, and use drones for a diverse range of applications.

Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA)

LeTourneau University

Liberty University takes pride in offering a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics, Unmanned Aerial Systems Cognate program that is a subtle blend of online and hands-on courses.

The University of Nevada, Reno (Reno, NV)

LeTourneau University

As it is one of the best drone training colleges, offering a minor in Unmanned Autonomous Systems, the University of Nevada, Reno gives the students the much-needed freedom to design their own plan of study (which of course is to be approved by an advisor.

Kent State University (Kent, OH)

LeTourneau University

A 16-credit hour minor in Unmanned Aircraft Systems is being offered at the Kent State University that includes courses on Sensing and Sensor Systems, Flight Operations Theory, and Command, and Control and Communications for UAVs.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe (Monroe, LA)

LeTourneau University

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is offering a Bachelors of Science in Aeronautics with a Majors in Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The university is putting a lot of emphasis on the agricultural applications of UAVs.

Middle Tennessee State University (Murfreesboro, TN)

LeTourneau University

The Middle Tennessee State University offers a Bachelors of Science in Aerospace with a concentration in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations that endeavors to prepare students to appear in the test for the Private Pilot certificate as well as FAA’s UAS knowledge test.

Unmanned Vehicle University (Phoenix, AZ)

Unmanned Vehicle University

The Unmanned Vehicle University is a college dedicated solely to offering training certificates for pilots via Doctoral degrees in Unmanned Systems Engineering, and Unmanned Systems Project Management.

Troy University (Troy, AL)

Troy University

Troy University offers a Bachelors in Resource and Technology Management with a minor in UASs. The university offers hands-on pilot training for conventional aircrafts but not for the unmanned aerial vehicles.

Central Oregon Community College (Bend, OR)

Central Oregon Community College

The Central Oregon Community College’s Associate of Applied Sciences in Unmanned Aerial Systems teaches professional, licensed operation of UAS to prepare students for a broad range of employment using commercial-grade equipment.

Sinclair Community College (Dayton, OH)

Sinclair Community College

A 62-credit hour degree program named as Associate of Applied Sciences in Unmanned Aerial Systems and the epitome of drone training colleges. It prepares students for the applications of UAS in the fields of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), precision agriculture, and first responders.

Community College of Beaver County (Monaca, PA)

Community College of Beaver County

The Community College of Beaver County is offering a 65-credit hour Associate of Applied Sciences in UAVs program to prepare students for careers as qualified pilots and sensor operators.

Green River College (Auburn, WA)

Green River College

The 90-credit program named as Associate of Applied Sciences in Unmanned Aerial Systems is being offered by the Green River College to prepare students for careers as UAS operators.

Northwestern Michigan College (Traverse City, MI)

Northwestern Michigan College

The Northwestern Michigan College offers Associate in Applied Sciences in Aviation degree program that incorporates UAS training while preparing students for the use of UAVs for a wide array of applications.

Northland Community and Technical College (Thief River Falls, MN)

Northland Community and Technical College

The Northland Community and Technical College offer a 30 credit Aerial Systems Maintenance Technician certificate program that has been designed to create a skilled UAV technician with a broad knowledge of UAS platforms at the functional level.

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