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Drone Industry: The future

Romeo Durscher has been a drone enthusiast for a long time. After being deployed in the DJI drone industry in positions such as the Department of Drone Education and Senior Director, he decided to leave his position and go for the open-source drone software platform.

In his new role, Durscher has stated that the knowledge and experience he got from previous work has definitely helped him to settle in his new position. He further stated that the best thing about his experience in DJI was that he was able to bring any problems if required. However, the con of his previous work was the limited thinking. He was never allowed to think beyond the quartet, which hampered the productivity of the company.

Short term future of the drone industry

1. More open-source

In public safety, where Durscher is employed, it is crucial to have open-source products. In the drone industry, there can be a client who would ask for small Mavic Air in case of emergency, and can also Mavic 600 alongside a thermal camera integrated to it with fire.

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Durscher stated that if you have multiple applications for multiple platforms, it is near impossible to deal with all of these applications. If you are using DJI Phantom 4 and M300 for a singular platform, you are doing two things at the same time. That’s the criteria, you can keep the interface the same regardless of the drone you are using.

2. Visualizing the data pipeline

If you are a drone analyst, one of the biggest challenges at your disposal is to gather the data. However, a bigger challenge than that is to interpret it properly.  The drone software developers are still working on SD cards,  which is a massive talking point in the drone industry.

The developers feel that they have gone past the time of using portable devices. Furthermore, if these SD cards get lost, all their hard work is in the drain. Therefore, they require applications on machine learning which will make the data secure and actionable.

3. Short distance drone delivery

Numerous drone companies have the objectives of starting short distance drone deliveries. However, the problem they are facing is not the technology, it is the government restrictions.

Numerous companies like Amazon Prime and Wing have the facility of short distance drone deliveries. There already is a requirement for delivering life jackets via drone delivery. Therefore, considerable steps must be taken in this regard so that the drone industry evolves.

Drone Industry: Final Verdict

The drone industry has a bright future ahead. Regardless of different public opinions, many feel that the drone has a massive role to play in their practical life. Furthermore, the federal government of different countries is trying its best to ensure that they integrate the drones into their working hours so that maximum time can be saved.

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