These 3 Fabulous GPS Drone Trackers Will Help You Find Your Lost Drone

Are you weary of the fact that you might end up losing your beloved drone owing to an unfortunate fly-away? It does not matter whether you are a professional dronie or a rookie, once you set your machine whizzing through the air, you always run the risk of losing control over your costly device to see it crash land out of your line of sight.

There is much too discuss when it comes to fly-aways and their causes. But it is for certain that a drone tracker can surely prove to be useful in such a situation and help you find out where your device is. With the help of a GPS-based tracker, you can quite comfortably get to know the exact location and coordinates of your drone. The data regarding the latitude and longitude helps out in determining the exact area where the drone could have crash landed. This greatly enhances the probability of recovering your lost drone in case of a flyaway.

The market houses a number of GPS-based drone trackers. It is quite a common phenomenon that the consumer gets confused in the presence of so many alternatives. To help you out in this situation, let us share with you some of the best GPS drone trackers to have hit the shelves in the recent years that will help you find your lost drone.



 The Trackimo GPS tracker is very light in weight. It boasts an entire range of features that will ensure that you keep track of your device. It makes use of the cellular network to communicate with the satellites for determining the accurate location of your precious device in real time situation. It also comes with an application for the Android or iOS powered smartphones that lets you keep track of your flight data and flying adventures. Users are also allowed to keep track of their device via a web-based platform. Instant on-demand alerts is another brilliant feature of Trackimo that can be triggered manually to figure out the accurate coordinates of your unmanned aerial vehicle.

This tracker includes a water-resistant case that means that even if your drone accidentally lands on the surface of water, the tracker would still be able to transmit its location-specific data to your handheld mobile device. When it comes to compatibility, Trackimo provides support for almost all kinds of drones, quadcopters and multirotors.

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This tracking device gets the actual coordinates of your drone in real time and transmits them to your handheld mobile device via the conventional cellular network. You may think of it as a small sized black box for your compact sized drone that also transmits telemetry related data while the drone is in the midst of its flight. It comes with a micro SIM card slot that is compatible with 3G cellular technology. In case your drone gets lost owing to crash landing or a flyaway, the device will provide accurate information about the location of your drone. In addition, it is also integrated with Google Maps that makes life easier for rescue missions looking for their lost drones.

This amazing device is compatible with a number of leading drones such as DJI Phantom 1, 2 and 3, Naza-M 1 and 2, WooKong-M, 3D Robotics Iris+, 3DR APM, Blade 350 QX2 and QX3 and Yuneec Q500.


TK102 is something that sets this fabulous drone tracker apart from the rest of the competition. It functions using a GSM SIM card and transmits its tracking data via the cellular network. You just have to give a call to your drone and you will get to know its exact location. The tracker sends a SMS that incorporates time-stamped coordinates in addition to a web link to Google Maps that display the accurate location of your lost drone.



TK102 is an individual device that can also be attached and used with quadcopters and drones of all shapes and sizes.


Flyaways is a phenomenon that has to be endured by the most of veteran of drone pilots out there. It does not matter whether you are using your drone simply to capture sensational aerial images and video footages or just want to fly it to kill you leisure time. So, we suggest you to not be afraid of investing some money in drone trackers so that you get the much needed tranquility of mind. I presume safety is the best way to go. Once you lose your drone and you had not installed a drone tracker on it, it would be useless to cry over spilt milk.

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