Blueye Robotics Makes Under Water Drone a Reality

The drone industry is and these innovative devices are becoming more and more affordable than ever. In addition to soaring in the skies, these gadgets are also finding their niche in places other than the skies. We recently informed you about a project being carried out at MIT that endeavors to develop drones capable of flying as well as treading on the land. A Norwegian tech company has developed a drone that can fly as well as swim under water.

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Blueye’s Pioneer is a remote operated vehicle drone that can achieve depths of 450 feet under water and record and broadcast a real time video stream at 10801080p resolution at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. What’s more, the vehicle has to controlled via a video gaming console or a handheld mobile device from a remote location. In addition, the Pioneer is also compatible with a VR headset that lets users undergo the immersive digital experience just as Pioneer descends into the depths of water.

Moreover, it boasts a very realistic price, it is extremely user friendly and weighs only 18 lbs. All these features make this device a must have gizmo if you’re looking for an under water drone. Erik Dyrkoren, CEO Blueye, believes that the main aim of his company was to develop a device that was within the reach of common citizens.

He believes that the control, design and interface of the drone had been designed to attract more and more people to the scintillating hobby of drones. He further added that the good quality camera and seamless live streaming features ensured that this device provided a fabulous experience to the users with the lowest delays.

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Over the years, there has been an exponential increase in the demand for a blend of drone and VR. Probably, Blueye, in addition to fulfilling their ambition to developing an underwater drone more realistically priced also wanted to cash in on the dearth of well-equipped drones that can be flown as well as driven underwater.

According to the reports by NextWeb, the Pioneer can be descended into water right away. No hub or base is required and the device has been tested several times for its reliability and quality. The Pioneer was also chucked into the arctic too check out its resilience in frigid temperatures and turbulent waters.

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The company has already started taking preorders. The product will be shipped officially from next year. Meanwhile, you can get more information about the device here. We will definitely keep tracking this gizmo since it appears to be the first hobby underwater remotely operated vehicle that is available at such as affordable price.

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