7 Ways You Can Use DJI Goggles Even if You Are Without a Drone

DJI are touted as the entrenched market leaders in the world of drones. They are the kings! Recently, they have launched their DJI Goggles. They have been engineered to function in tandem with their awesome DJI Mavic Pro, the retractable and amazingly portable drone. With the addition of a single port called the HDMI port, the entire landscape of headgear has witnessed a massive revolution.

The inclusion of the coveted HDMI port has made them all the more distinct from the FPV goggles that you are so used to seeing with racing drones these days. The HDMI port has shaped the goggles into a formidable Virtual Reality headgear! HDMI port lets you use the coveted DJI Goggles well beyond the realms of imagination but here are some of the best ways you can put your recently purchased DJI goggles into use even if you do not own a drone.

Before we go any further, here are some of the specifications and features boasted by this superb gadget. The Virtual Reality headgear has a dual 5-inch screen that features a resolution of 1080p. Moreover, this monitor EMulates a 216-inch display screen placed at a distance of 3 meters from the viewer. In addition, the device features integrated speakers that are aligned to the user’s ears, while a touchpad allows them to configure settings and user input into connected devices. The battery provides a lifespan of about 6 hours.


The DJI Goggles come in a couple of segments: the first segment is the headband that rests on your head and supports all the weight while the second segment consists of a detachable headset that can be tilted in the upwards direction or brought in front of the eyes. Just to give you a perspective with regard to the design, the goggles are similar to the Playstation VR headset and I am confident that most of you would have seen .

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1 – Connect to Personal Computer 

HDMI, we all know, has become quite common over the years and provides a solid connection between different media devices. You can use your DJI Goggles as a monitor for your personal computer via the HDMI port. You simply have to connect your Goggles with the computer using the shipped pair of cables and you will be able to get the stunning PC experience in them along with the sound.

The display size can always be reduced with the help of the inbuilt options whenever you are connected via the HDMI port. The video size can be brought down considerably to suit your preference or you can enjoy the video in full-screen mode as well. We all know what wonders your PC can perform. You can watch movies or play videogames and view them on your DJI Goggles. The possibilities are endless!

2 – Play Video Games

As discussed earlier, the HDMI port will open new vistas of possibilities for you when you want to view your video games in your DJI Goggles. You can also connect the goggles directly your gaming console station via the HDMI port and enjoy some supreme quality immersive digital experience. Yeah! You can connect your Xbox and PlayStation directly with your Goggles and cross the threshold of reality to enter into the amazing landscape of video games in the full-screen display mode. It does not get better than this!

There is a difficult thing that is related to playing video games and viewing them in your DJI Goggles though. You will have to train yourself at looking at the video by moving your eyes rather than by moving your head all the time. That’s exactly what immersion is!

3 – Watch Films and Series

The HDMI port allows connectivity to a plethora of multimedia devices. This means that you can also connect your DJI Goggles with a handful of mobile devices available on the technology landscape. You cannot only watch movies and films on your personal computer or your television. You can watch them wherever you go! Take your mobile device and goggles with yourself and drown into the world of movies whether you are on an airplane or during a roadtrip for a hard-earned vacation. With a battery lifespan of 6 hours, we believe you could watch quite a few movies in that duration.

4 – Chromecast

Chromecast is one of the best selling media streaming devices that is actually a sleek stick that requires a typical gender-varying adapter to connect to the DJI Goggles. You just have to supply power and off you go with the exhilarating viewing experience. It will duplicate the display of your Android device, let you watch movies and play video games from a myriad apps.

Many of you would be wondering if it is worth using the Chromecast instead of connecting the Goggles with your personal computer via the HDMI port. Well, here’s the thing guys! Owing to its light weight and slimness, the USB cable powering the Chromecast stick is way more handy than a HDMI cable and more importantly, the Chromecast can also be powered with the help of a portable charger. You can even build the charger on your own and start replicating your Android device screens.

5 – DSLR Camera

This one seems like an eccentric use of the powerful Goggles and plus the fact that there are no inbuilt controls available in them for your DSLR camera. Having said that, you would definitely have seen film directors and producers keep a close eye on small sized screens during video shootings. They just have to wear the DJI Goggles on their heads and view the replicated camera display in them from up close!

Hey, it could also become a top quality investigative tool. Nobody would suspect a tech geek sitting in the corner of a hall with his immersive goggles strapped on. But in reality, you could be doing some serious spy work. I presume, I am become quite a bit of a Sherlock. Am I?

6 – Connectivity with Android Devices

This is similar to connecting the goggles with the PC via the HDMI port. If you own an Android device, you can also connect the goggles to your device via the HDMI port and view a replicated version of your handheld mobile device’s display on the goggles. Believe, it is a hell lot fun!

Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to explore if we could put the head tracking feature in the goggles to any use while viewing Cardboard or the omnidirectional videos available on YouTube. Here’s a neat trick though: sit down on a swiveling chair while holding your handheld mobile device and get the head tracking feature activated manually.

7 – Connectivity with your friend’s drone

 You can obviously do all the above things with a pair of DJI Goggles. Moreover, you can also ask your friend, who owns a drone, to connect the goggles to it. As a matter of fact, the OccuSync feature in you use up to two goggles simultaneously.

Final Word 

To be honest, the dual monitor, complete High Definition display, has been engineered keeping in mind the DJI Mavic Pro. The integration of HDMI port input in the goggles has opened up new vistas of opportunities for a plethora of multimedia devices out there. They are a serene blend of a TV monitor, PC display or an Android viewing screen that can be transported from one place to another with seamless ease.

However, the DJI Goggles have not been designed exclusively to support the variety of Virtual Reality systems that can be found elsewhere. We are yet to confirm whether you should be ready to go for the DJI Goggles instead of the Oculus, Vive or the PlayStation VR Headset. But I believe it is worth a try or two.

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