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Air Methods Add Drone Fleet, Dubbed Spright

One air medical service space, Air Methods, is starting to adopt drones to help the healthcare world. It is no a longer a secret that accessing accident incidents is crucial to giving medical aid to the people. This strategy is key for those areas that are hard to reach. Natural disasters can affect certain areas, which make it impossible to reach them by road. Helicopters have been supporting numerous affected people regarding medical aid. 

Plans of Air Methods


The entry of Spright was the key to this development. Air Methods announced that they will be introducing collective drones, called Spright, to help the remote areas and reduce supply changes. The overall objective is to improve the healthcare facilities by providing critical medical equipment. The equipment may include blood donations, medicines, diagnosis, and therapies. 

As per the recent updates, the fleet is getting integrated as a healthcare-specified delivery network. Similarly, this airspace already has many infrastructural facilities to make the rollout easy and comfortable. 

“We see Spright serving a hugely underserved market and having the responsibility for the future full of better results for everybody,” Jaelynn Williams, CEO

The Spright Network

air methods

Air Methods already has the experience of associating themselves both in the aviation and medical fields. Moreover, it is the country’s most experienced FAA Part 135 Operator and has around 450 helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft in its fleet. As they are in the spotlight for quite some time, the company helps 100,000 people as reliable partners in their preferred hospitals.

The market for Medical Drone Deliveries 

Today, one of the biggest drones-for-medical-deliveries spaces is Zipline. Zipline got the ranking of the top drone delivery company in 2020 by Drone Industry Insights. The evaluation was $190 million in innovative financing in 2019 along with 50,000 overall commercial deliveries. If people thought that the news of Air Methods was huge, this will reap benefits even further.

Moreover, we also saw DroneUp conducting a project in association with Walmart and Quest Diagnostics, to provide coronavirus at-home self-collection kits to single-family houses in Las Vegas.

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