testing drone delivery

Testing Drone Delivery via 5G Innovation Studio

As the drone industry is now associating the 5G technology with itself, it is now making means for testing drone delivery innovations consistently. One of the drone companies that is working extremely hard in this regard is the AT&T. Currently, the company is leveraging 5g technology as a support to the working of drone deliveries. Recently, they have launched a 5G Innovation Studio to test 5G applications, including the ones that are associated with drones.

How AT&T helps in testing drone delivery?

Looking into the concept of testing drone delivery via 5G technology, AT&T partnered with Microsoft and EVA for the exploration of AT&T’s 5G network can be used for the original data-time control. On the other hand, we have EVA who have plans for putting drone ports, which are known as the airports, in numerous markets to enable the testing of these deliveries.

testing drone delivery

Initially, this company tried to contact AT&T for testing drone delivery so they can evolve their drone infrastructure solution. This was confirmed by the AT&T spokesperson. As the trust between the companies developed, AT&T thought that the low-latency of 5G technology will help them in the expansion of their drone capabilities of their autonomous drone operations.

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Therefore, both the parties came to an agreement that they will run their drone deliveries on a test environment representative of Microsoft Azure Edge Zone.

Final Thoughts

AT&T 5G Innovation Studio is used for testing drone delivery innovations. It is located in Plano, Texas, which is also the location of the AT&T data office. This innovation studio is heavily equipped with prototype edge environments and 5G networks which creates an atmosphere for them for testing different drone solutions.

The location of Plano, Texas also connects to the AT&T’s headquarters in Downtown Dallas. It is a great technological IT group which goes beyond the concept of drones. There are many drone companies that have moved to this respective location so they can open external corporate offices. Unfortunately, the AT&T headquarters aren’t open to everybody and very limited audience is present there.

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