UAV drone

How to build a UAV drone

Building your own drone is simply worth it for a huge number of drone enthusiasts. This post is geared towards providing you with all the relevant information regarding building your own UAV drone from scratch. The specifications of each drone may vary depending upon your personal preferences and requirements. So, it is essential that go for the UAV kit that has been designed considering your level of dexterity. You can take a glimpse at some of the drones on this website that we have lined up in order to get a few ideas.

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Choosing a design of UAV drone

The designs for toy grade drones can be large in number. There could be drones similar to planes as well as those with designs similar to helicopters with multiple propellers. You can even customize the designs but for that you ought to be dead sure that it will work eventually.

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As soon as you finalize a design, it is time to choose the appropriate transmitters and receivers for your UAV drone. Moreover, you also have to decide the number of main motors and servo motors that you will be needing to accomplish your design.

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Transmitters and receivers

Let’s suppose that you want to build a remotely controlled flying drone. So, you need both the transmitter and the receiver to make it functional. The receivers are built into the UAV drone and pick up signals from the transmitter or the controller.

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Electronic Speed Controllers of the UAV drone

This is a crucial component of any UAV. They can be either BEC or UBEC also known as Universal Battery Elimination Circuit. These devices are responsible for converting the battery voltage in the UAV drone down to 5V since that is the amount of power that is needed by the receiver. The ESC also converts the DC power of the battery into AC power.


The number of motors depends on the design of your UAV drone. Some designs need four motors at the minimum while there are some which can even thrive on a single motor. Generally brushless motors are used which means that motors use AC power which is provided by the ESC. You need to conduct a thorough research to determine how the battery you choose affects the RPM of the motor. All this depends on the drone type that you are building and the kind of features you want to be present in it.

Servo motors

Servo motors control various drone parts such as the direction of propellers and flaps if there are any. The servo motors are connected to the receiver and match the channels sending them signals.

Assembling it all up

Once all the components have been selected, it is time to put them all up together. You might run into some soldering tasks to assemble them.

It is always a fun and learning experience to build your own UAV drone. You can choose the parts of your own choice and them depending on your level of skill, add in the required features one by one. That’s it folks!!

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