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DJI Drone: A necessity after Blacklist news?

After getting blacklisted by the US, should you consider buying a DJI Drone now? The US government imposed the restrictions on DJI, with several companies such as SMIC, obliging not to commit to the business terms with DJI. We still don’t know why the DJI manufacturer is added to China’s blacklist, however, there are rumors that the US government saw them getting involved in a human rights violation. This is condemnable because the US government was already worried about the US-based drones and their usage in practical life. This kind of ban will stop the DJI drones from getting used across all the federal agencies. Time to look for a solution.

What getting blacklisted mean to the DJI Drone users?

After getting blacklisted, you may expect the DJI drone market to run out of stock imminently and will take a while to get restocked. There can also be situations that for certain drones, you may experience delays in shipping. The services may not be suited for you. With the stock issues, there is also a possibility that the product may never get restocked and the market may need an alternative supplier.

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As a result of restocking issues, the products may get sold at a higher rate than you predict. The expenses may not just be the final prices of the product, but it may also be the entail tariffs that could come after purchasing a DJI Drone from abroad.

Why you should not buy the DJI Drone after the blacklisted news?

With instability from the US-China federal hierarchies, the clients would recommend you not to buy the DJI drones anymore. This could be the biggest reason why you should not go for these products. The US-army have stopped the usage of these products and the federal government has tried to do the same. The same wavelength has followed in the industrial sector.

If you have a small business and require a drone for mapping and analysis for an oil company, that company will tell you not to consider a DJI Drone. Instead, go for a drone that is made in America.

Final Verdict

The use of a DJI Drone is very much split down the middle after the blacklisted news. Some people feel that they should consider buying it whereas the others are refraining from it. However, we feel that it is best for both parties if they understand the restrictions imposed by China’s blacklist before considering using it. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to hit us in the comment section below:

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