Drone Made with Food – The Pretzel Quadcopter

If you take a fancy to pretzels and drones then this incredible matchup of the food and drones is surely going to enthrall you! It’s the Pretzel Quadcopter, y’all!

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The basic purpose of this design was to testify that it does not matter what material you use to construct the frame of your drone. In fact, it is the structural formidability that is of great significance and dictates terms. If you had no idea what pretzels are, then let us inform you that they are quite fragile and hard which means that if they are not put into an appropriate design and framework, they are likely to get cracked and our drone’s frame will probably get destroyed mid-flight owing to all the vibrations and oscillations around. Hence, to resolve this issue, I designed my drone using pretzels of two sizes; ones that are slightly bigger in size and the others that are sleek. The big pretzels were given the responsibility to support the motors while the brittle ones would provide support to the bigger pretzels; thereby ensuring that they do not get cracked during flight.

To be honest, the framework resembled a bridge more than it actually resembled a quadcopter. Once I had put together all the parts and electronic components, I set out for my first flight test. I was quite encouraged by the smooth flight of my pretzel quadcopter and the frame gave the impression as if it were made of some kind of rock-solid metal. But as is the way of life, all good things have to come to an end at the long last. After my first aerial adventure, I decided to have another go and get the drone into the air. As fate would have it, since I was flying my pretzel drone with an old LiPo battery pack, I did not receive any indication about the battery running out of juice. So, similar to any other quadcopter running on a discharged battery, the pretzel drone fell from the sky and crashed onto the ground.

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