DJI Drone Bounces Off a Building Multiple Times Before it Crashes Down

Most of the drone enthusiasts out there not take a liking to spending their time learning a thing or two about their machine and how to fly it. Of course the manufacturers such as the mighty DJI do not tell them that flying a drone requires skills and it needs intense practice sessions to master the art and science of flying small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUASs). I believe that an overwhelming majority of the DJI Phantom pilots are nothing but a bunch of stupid idiots. More often than not, a bad name is attributed to drones only because of the recklessness betrayed on the part of drone pilots in terms of the safety precautions that they so openly violate.

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The Global Positioning System mode of flight is actually not a flight mode that is linked to flight operations. This fact is further supported by the reality that it becomes so much easier to disrupt the GPS connection in the presence of some interference due to nearby objects or when the connection with the satellite becomes too weak. If you are a sane pilot and really know what you are doing with your aircraft, you would never risk starting it off with the GPS mode of flight triggered on. Rather, it’s always a safer option to take manual control of your device and manoeuvre it as you wish!

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