Drone Deliveries to Become a Reality With This Sweet Little Trick

United Parcel Service tested drone deliveries in Tampa, Florida by using a tailored electric van incorporated with a recharging station for the battery-powered drone. Owing to low flight durations, the drone deliveries are severely hampered since a drone can only stay aloft for a limited amount of time.

In order to get rid of this dilemma, the UPS van approaches the target area and drone is released from the roof while it makes its way to the intended location to make the delivery. Once the delivery is done, the drone gets back to the van and plugs itself into the battery charger.

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The demonstration was carried out to show that UPS drivers would be able to handle more deliveries in the time to come. UPS hopes to make the process a lot more faster in the future. Tech giants like Amazon and Google’s parent Alphabet hold such staged deliveries from time to time to keep the audience engaged. However, experts believe that drone deliveries will take numerous years before they actually become a tangible reality.

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