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DJI Drone Scene gets featured in Tom and Jerry Movie

The drone enthusiasts must get a kick out of the product placement which is going to be featured in the Tom and Jerry movie. The movie got launched in February 2021 in theatres. Alongside that, they also have the live streaming release on HBO Max. Are you anticipating a DJI drone scene in the movie?

The DJI drone scene in Tom and Jerry

Despite the scene, the movie was considered a flop in the media. However, this scene caught the eye of most drone enthusiasts as the scene actually had a DJI drone in it. The plot of the movie revolves around an unfortunate wedding that had problems because of a stolen wedding ring.

The scene comes at the moment when chasing starts. Both the characters i.e. Tom and Jerry try to hunt down the live action character via electric skateboard and DJI drone. If you want to preserve time, Tom and Jerry has given solution for you in this regard as well. They created a 30-second summary for you on their Twitter account which you can see easily.

The drone controllers correspond to the DJI Controller Style. In fact, they even refer to the product as DJI in the DJI drone scene. Both Tom and Jerry had not created a network between their smartphone and the drone which is considered to be the easiest way to fly any drone product. However, they chose not to use the smartphone.

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All about Kids Drones

The drone in the scene does not guarantee its resemblance with the DJI drone. However, it drew comparisons with the DJI Spark drone, which got replaced by the Mavic Mini Drone soon after. To everyone’s surprise, it is not the DJI FPV drone, which seemed fitting considering the premise of the scene.

Summing up

This is not the first time that we have seen a DJI drone scene come to the surface in a Tom and Jerry episode. There was an episode in the Tom and Jerry series called ‘Drone Sweet Drone’ in which we saw the indifferent habits of Tom when he was flying the drone. Do you love watching those movies that have major product replacements? Let us know.

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