DJI’s New Drone Works Efficiently in Harsh Weather Conditions

At the Mobile World Congress 2017, DJI unveiled their new M200 drone that is capable of operating efficiently in rain and winds. It is being offered as a viable solution to those enterprises that want to save some money up their sleeves while pursuing site inspections outdoors.

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The drone is bigger in size that most of the drones available on the market, and is capable of flying in violent weather conditions with a control range of a whopping 7Km. The drone is an addition into the already increasing number of UAVs vying to take the job responsibilities over from the humans.

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The Head of Stakeholders Relations, Christine Briggert, believes that this venture is aimed for industrial applications so that the users can collate all the data through inspections and surveys. According to her, the M200 picks up signals from a manned aircraft, conveying it  directly to the pilot in the shape of a warning to bring the drone back to a lower altitude. The drone is available for pre-order now, for more details check out the official website also check out DJI store.

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