A Drone Crashes into a Woman at a Sporting Event

A Drone Crashes into a Woman at a Sporting Event

While attending a 5K race in Beloeil, Quebec on June the 11th, Stephanie Creignou was left stunned when a 2.7 pounds DJI Phantom 3 came from the sky and hit her right on the head. The race participant had to be taken to the hospital immediately where she was diagnosed with Whiplash. Creignou couldn’t make it to her job the next day and had to cancel her planned vacation. The whole incident can be viewed in the video below.

YouTube video

While talking to the Quebecois newspaper VAT News, the drone pilot Rosaire Turcotte asserted that he couldn’t find a clue as to what led to the drone crash despite adopting all the requisite precautionary measures. The video of the accident was captured by VTOL-X drones designated to cover the event. The CEO of the said company claimed that they had asked the pilot in question to avoid flying his drone so close to people since he did not possess ample permits. The matter is being investigated by the responsible authorities.


Canada is known for its strict rules and regulations with regard to drones. However, an utter disregard of these rules has resulted in a rapid increase in accidents caused by drones in recent times. This has given way to innovative inventions such as hunting drones to hunt unrestrained drones down or birds trained to snatch drones from thin air. Having said that, these devices are yet to become common and the risk of injuries caused by drones is rising with every passing day.

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