10 Best Sellers of Recent Times

This is list an attempt to look at the previous year and determine which of the products ruled the roost at our store. This is the first time that we will be sharing this valuable information with our loyal readers. Having said that, the products included in this list are not the ones that were released in the the last few years typically 2012-2015 only. As a matter of fact, none of the products mentioned in this list were launched in the last year. These are simply the best sellers in terms of money.

Here are the top ten best sellers of recent times. Have a look and see for yourself if your favorite product has been able to make it to this coveted list. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or visit our Facebook page and join in on the discussions.

10 – Traxxas Velineon Brushless Combo

The first item that we are going to discuss in this list gave me a bit of a shock at first but then it dawned upon me that Power up purchases are considered under SKU as well. This shows that we have carried out tons of Power ups this year. The Traxxas Velineon Brushless Combo is the best motor/speed control combination in our armory and nothing else comes close to it in this category.

The Velineon system beat the Hitec X4 AC+ Multicharger by a close margin to make it to the list, and I believe that it deserves to be included in this list. We have carried out more Power Ups than any other year in the past and the inclusion of the VXL system to this list is a testimony to this fact.

9 – E-Flite 150mAh 1S LiPo Batteries

Products that have league of their own are the most difficult to make inroads in the psyche of the customer. Items that are linked one way or another to a gigantic network of RC helicopters and vehicles stand at the ninth spot in our list. This compact sized battery is the most common among all the batteries at all store. More than a dozen RC aircrafts make use of this battery. It comes as the default battery pack of at least two of the products that have made their way into this list.

This is a battery that will be remember for a number of years to come and probably defines an era. It is for this reason that it occupies the ninth spot in our rankings.

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8 – Blade 120SR Ready to Fly

The Blade 120SR Ready to Fly has made it to our list for the second consecutive year. I was expecting the Blade 120SR Bind and Fly to make it to our list. Keep in mind that the Blade 120SR is not a device meant to be flown by novices. Having said that, we have sold more number of Read to Fly models in contrast to their Bind and Fly counterparts.

The Blade 120SR, however, deserves to be included in this revered list since it is a top quality device designed for more advanced set of users. I have been propagating that the manufacturers need to add in a few more advanced features to this device. However, it does not mean that it has lost its attraction among the customers. I believe that it can do far bigger things than it can currently perform and this is saying a lot. The 120SR is a phenomenal device and occupies the eighth spot in our list.

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7 – Duratrax 5000mAh 2S 25C Hardcase LiPo Batteries

The inclusion of this battery in this list should not come as much of a surprise to you all since we sell a large number of RC cars and trucks throughout the year. This is yet another LiPo battery that has made its way into our coveted list.

Years ago every geek hobbyist owned the Piranha 1500mAh battery pack and the brand Duratrax had a significance of its own. Nowadays, Venom has taken over the market and is far ahead of the rest of the pack. But Venom’s products are expensive and with Duratrax 5000mAh 2S 25C hardcase LiPo batteries, you get the similar amount of power and performance at a reasonable price. Moreover, Duratrax boast a customer service and maintenance center that is way more efficient than that of Venom’s. Hence, we sell this phenomenal battery with great confidence that is translated into our customers. This is why the Duratrax 5000mAh 2S 25C hardcase LiPo batteries are placed at the seventh spot in our list.

6 – HobbyZone’s Champ Ready to Fly

Positioned at the sixth place is the only airplane to have made to our list. It is a very small sized device and packs a power punch in its small body. I remember the time when it came to the store for the first and I, while enjoying the benefits of working at a hobby store, took one home to try it out a bit. I didn’t pin too much of expectations with it. I was of the view that it would last a flight only but I could not get more wrong than that.

The Champ provides such an exciting flying experience. In fact, I happened to fly it the whole afternoon in my backyard that day. We have even enjoyed its flight in the parking near our store. It does not require you to be present in vast open spaces and that is precisely what makes it a must-have gizmo. Even beginners can fly it easily in virtually any sort of surroundings and that is exactly why we recommend it highly to most of our customers. What’s more it costs less than $100 and comes in Ready to Fly packaging. This is why it sits at the sixth spot in our list.

5 – Traxxas Stampede (2WD)

The Traxxas Stampede has been able to carve its name in our list earlier as well but it has never been able to get up higher than the fifth spot. To our disappointment, it still is ranked fifth but it is an integral cog of our stack of remote controlled vehicles at our store owing to the fact that it is extremely user-friendly, built specifically for the newbies and is a non-Slash truck to boot.

What really is so wonderful about this machine that it boasts a contemporary design although it was first launched way back in 1994. It is still making strong vibes among the consumers.

4 – Traxxas Slash (2WD)

There is no exaggeration in the fact that Traxxas Slash transformed the entire landscape of RC vehicles with its arrival. People would go to the market, buy a Slash and start racing straight away after unboxing it. This was the commencement of an era in which the short course trucks ruled the roost, and this era seems to be existing ever since. This is an era in which the radio controlled vehicles have brought about a complete revolution in the world of technology.

Slash was the beginning of it all when it comes to RC truck racing. It was the first truck that came with 2.2”/3.0” rims. Other features such as the broad framed design to wide tires and bumpers, Slash was the first vehicle to have all this cool stuff. And of course all of its full scale counterparts borrowed it all from Slash.

Nobody in the world would have ever imagined the kind of impact Slash would make to the industry of RC vehicles. Four years down the line, the Slash is still making ripples amongst the fans. Nevertheless, with all the hype and charisma associated with the Traxxas Slash, it could not get anywhere higher than the fourth spot in our list. The 4 Wheel Drive variant of Slash occupies the third spot in our list.

3 – Slash 4×4 VXL

This is the top ranked vehicle on our list this year and is comfortably my favorite device in this category. It boasts a modular frame design and is the most reliable truck that we have had till date. As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to claim that it might actually turn out to be the most reliable truck even in the times to come. As far as the appearance goes, it is as attractive as it could ever get. The VXL Combo is part of this brilliant machine and this is what makes it one of the fastest vehicles out there. All in all, there is not so much that you can’t love about this phenomenal device.

2 – Hitec X1 AC+ Multicharger

The actual worth of this charger would never have dawned upon me in a thousand years time. We have been selling this device only for a short time but I haven’t seen a single occasion so far when a charger made it to our top ten products list.

Price is an area where this charger beats the rest of the competition. Price is a factor that primarily detracts most of the hobbyists as they are not able to spend a lot of money on the associated add-ons with RC vehicles. This charger can be had for less than $99 and is probably something that should enchant plenty of people out there. But even for this price, it includes all the essential features such as LiPo balancing and storage modes. Moreover, it can manage more than 6 LiPo batteries simultaneously (15-cell NiMH or NiCd). We sell this charger almost invariably with every LiPo battery pack we sell and so far no more than 10 chargers have been returned asking to avail warranty service. This is a prolific record and we are satisfied to have this device positioned at the second spot in our list.

1 – Blade mCX2 Ready to Fly

Since its release in the summer of 2012, the Blade mCX2 has been hovering near the top of our best sellers list. It is one of our most favorite devices to sell at the store and is probably the most user-friendly radio controlled helicopter out there. It provides a steady flight experience, easy to use and very reliable. There is no fuss involved in selling this great machine. All we’ve got to do now is to present a demo flight and the customers get ready all at once to get their hands on it and join the thousands of Blade fans vying to learn how to fly a helicopter.

It is not easy to determine what actually makes the Blade mCX2 such an incredible hit among the fans. It only includes a few enhancements in contrast to its predecessor Blade mCX. The splendid design of the mCX2 is probably something that is so luring. The thick rotor head ensures that it is as durable as ever while the heading lock gyroscope is absolutely fabulous. In addition, the design of the chassis is superb to say the least. Warranty service and product support team are another great features that Horizon Hobby are proud to present to their loyal customers.

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The Blade mCX2 will befittingly occupies the top spot  in our list and we expect that the mCX3 will certainly topple its predecessor.

This is it with regard to our top sellers. We all are familiar with the fact that the RC vehicles industry is evolving with every year and so to finally find the best products of the year was kind of a liberating experience. May be the cliche, “Old is gold” holds some credence here!

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