inmate's great escape plan

Drone was at the Midst of an Inmate’s Great Escape Plan

A drone happened to be a central figure Inmate’s great escape plan devised by a South Carolina prison inmate as the drone reportedly dropped wire cutters into the prison’s vicinity. After the inmate was captured again, the law enforcement agencies claimed that mobile phones, guns and at least $47,000 had been smuggled into the prison.

Background of the Inmate’s great escape plan

This was Jimmy Causey’s second attempt at a prison escape from one of the most well-guarded prisons in South Carolina but unfortunately for the inmate, it lasted only a couple of days. An intelligence information led the Texas Rangers to a room in a motel in Austin where the bloke was captured sleeping at 4:00 am on a Friday morning.

The authorities are now investigating how Jimmy’s escape from Lieber Correctional Institution remained unknown to the designated personnel for no less than six hours. The matter has been taken up by South Carolina Corrections Director Bryan Stirling.

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Causey had made another unsuccessful attempt earlier as well from the high-security detention facility. He was sentenced to life in prison 13 years ago after he held a lawyer hostage at gunpoint in his home in Columbia. The law enforcement agencies believe that the inmate had done so since he felt that the lawyer had not done enough to keep him out of jail in the early 1990s.

On the first occasion, Jimmy along with another inmate, hid themselves in a garbage truck leaving prison after reported by a pizza delivery women at a local motel who felt that the guys looked suspicious.

The second time around, Jimmy forged a formidable plan called the Inmate’s great escape plan by using smuggled mobile phones and cut his way through four fences with wire cutters that had been transported via a drone into the prison yard.

As he did the first time around, Jimmy hid a dummy in his bed to fool the prison guards and escaped at 8 pm. However, his escape went unnoticed until 2 am.

The officials have not yet named any prison guards involved in the escape but they have raised their concerns regarding compliance with prison policies and protocols.

The law enforcement agencies are also trying to gauge how Jimmy was able to get his hands on such huge stacks of money inside the prison. In addition, he also had four mobile phones and an identification card.
Mark Keel, who is the Chief of the Law Enforcement Division expressed his resolve for bringing to justice anyone who conspired with the inmate.

What’s more fishy is that the motel where Jimmy Causey was captured the second time around, after a tip off, is situated almost 1,930 kilometers away from Lieber Correction Center that is located 48 km northwest of Charleston.
After being captured from his first prison escape, Jimmy was kept in a more secured detention facility in Columbia but he was, later on, transferred to the general detention center.

It is being reported that the agencies are planning an Inmate’s great escape plan in some other facility of higher security.

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