Drone not responsible for the airplane’s crash


Not so long ago, a micro light airplane crash landed in New Zealand and was piloted by a journalist named Rod Vaughan who blamed a drone for the incident. The media put the drones to sword in its ensuing coverage of the incident. Here is a video compiled by Bruce, aka XJet on YouTube, who explains how an investigation conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand lends credence to his theory about the crash. He believes that excessive exposure to UV light damaged the plane’s windscreen which subsequently resulted in the crash.

A failing windscreen brought down Vaughan’s airplane

Bruce has now asked both the media and the journalist to absolve drones of any responsibility for the crash landing.
There have been numerous reported incidents wherein drones were held responsible for the crash but there was either very little evident to support this claim or none at all.Quite recently, DJI took an unprecedented step by asking people to exercise caution before blaming drones for accidents.

The Civil Aviation Authority’s report stated that the pilot had reported a possible collision with a drone during the interview. However, close inspection and scrutiny of the aircraft and the area have shown no evidence of a drone.
The windscreen’s plastic polymer was found discolored during examination of the aircraft. The laboratory report of the broken chards and segments of the windscreen highlighted denigration of the upper portion of the exterior surface due to exposure to ultraviolet light. UV light can adversely affect polymer bonding properties which can result in failures.Take a look at the two videos to get into the depths of the incident. Bruce really does a commendable job!

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