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Drone Pilots: Scope in USA

Do you have any idea about how many drone pilots in the US possess a remote pilot certificate? At the end of 2020, there were approximately 2 million pilots who got awarded this certificate as per the research of FAA.

A remote pilot certificate is a basic requirement for drone pilots so they are able to fly drones for commercial reasons in the United States. In order to get this certificate,  you must pass a written drone exam. This exam is referred to as the ‘Part 107 test’. Part 107 refers to regulation #107 of the FAA under which the exam gets conducted.  This test includes 60 multiple choice questions and gets conducted across 700 US-based institutes.

Knowledge of the certified drone pilots

In those 2 million certified drone pilots, there are many specialists who possess the initial knowledge, manned pilots as well as the conditions to take online training for the learning of these skills. The Manned Pilots are those people who are certified under regulation 14 CFR part 61. They must also have completed the flying test in the past two years. They are so skilled that they do not need to go through the entire drone procedure to learn traits about the drones.

Instead, these drone pilots simply go to the FAA FAASTeam Website and go through the entire “ALC 451” course. This course takes hardly 90 minutes to be reviewed completely. If we look into the 2 million statistics, that possesses more population than certain countries like Iceland. Taking things into context, this is half the population of Florida Texas.

However, this statistic is still not good enough as there are more drone pilots than those specialists who are enabled to use the manned aircraft.  According to the FAA website, there are 690,000 US-based manned pilots.  Below, we break down the pilots who are enabled to handle the manned aircraft.

  • Student Pilot
  • Sport Pilot
  • Recreational Pilot
  • Personal Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Airline Transport Drone Pilot

The FAA also gave a statistic regarding the number of wavers in the USA till December 2020. There are approximately 4900 waivers. Below, we have broken down those waivers. They are as follows:

  • Night Operations
  • Operations over Customers
  • Unable to meet the visual line of sight
  • Operational restriction
  • Ops from a moving transport

Out of these waivers, the most common waivers include drone flights at night or over people.

Final Verdict

The evolution of drone pilots in the US is increasing day by day. More pilots are now opting for the remote pilot certificate so they can get the recognition that they deserve. However, many people confuse their passion for flying drones with their objectives. Therefore, they are unable to get that awaited certificate. However, there are more successful outcomes than failures in this regard. If you want to know more about these statistics, hit us in the comment section below.

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