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List of over 50+ drone training course offered from different agents/top notch pilots and others who can help you become a pro in the field of Drone Flying. To be honest, whenever I come across those video clips that include lots of vibrations with drones taking sharp turns all the time, I cannot help but express my disgust publicly.

Similar to conventional DSLR photography, when it comes to drone photography and cinematography, certain sets of rules and guidelines have to be followed. Ensuring that your video footage conforms to appropriate source of light, weather conditions, angle of the shot and other requisites results into an output that can gain traction among your audiences. If you are able to get a grasp of aerial photography and videography and its basics, you are well on your way to capturing stunning images and video footages.

In this post, I bring to you some of the best online drone courses which have been designed for the novices who want to enhance their skill and start producing videos and photographs like professionals. Don’t really get freaked out because it’s not as hard as you might think it to be. Fundamental knowledge about drone photography and its accurate application in the air can help you become a master of this splendid art.

Stunning Aerial Photography and Videography using Drones

Whenever someone asks me about drone courses designed specifically for beginners, this is the one that I always recommend. I believe that it has all the necessary information that is required by the pilots; teaching them everything from flying to filming.

This courses focuses on both the aerial photography and videography as well as the post-production stage which involves editing of video footages. It delineates the basic flying skills, filming options, flight patterns and gimbal skills that are essential to producing dynamic aerial shots. The course then takes the onus of guiding the learner through the editing process and then coming up with the final product.

What is most interesting about this course is that the course developers have ensured to support their postulates in all the lectures with relevant aerial shots. Moreover, raw video footage is also provided to practice editing. This is especially handy if you do not have a good quality camera drone.

It is a great source for photographers, videographers, novices, intermediate dronies and professionals alike.


  • 6 hours video on-demand
  • 8 articles
  • 1 supplemental resource
  • Lifetime access
  • Accessibility via mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


  • You need to get your hands on some video editing platform such as FCPX or Adobe Premiere if you intend to practice editing the given raw video footage
  • The course also emphasizes some of the rules and regulations that have been formulated by the law enforcement agencies with regard to drone flying and filming. However, they are not the primary focus of the course. The course developers expect that the learners will carry out their own research to get acquainted with the rules and regulations in their own countries.
  • Safety precautions have been discussed in the course as well but they are not the main point of attention. Students are expected to conduct their own research in this regard.

Making Money with Your Drone

If you have interest in drones and enjoy spending time flying them then at some point in time in the future, you will also think of using them to make money. If you are able to earn from an occupation with which you are in love with, this is the best thing that could happen to anyone.

So, if you want to employ your drone for commercial purposes, then you need to be familiar with the rules of the game. There is a comprehensive post on Drone Jobs and making money with drones. But these online courses are more detailed and will provide you the relevant information.

The pilot has to pass the FAA Knowledge Exam in order to become eligible for the Remote Pilot Certificate.

Drone Pilot Ground School

The Drone Pilot Ground School has been founded by Alan Perlman who is popular by the name of UAV Coach. He is famous among the drone community as he consistently provides useful content for rookies as well as pros.

This is course is a special one as it claims that almost 99% of the participants of the course pass out their FAA Knowledge Exam and acquire the Remote Pilot Certificate.


The course is divided into more than 30 text-based and video based lectures which have been designed in accordance with the requirements of the FAA Remote Pilot Certification.

The course also includes more than 300 multiple choice questions that have actually been taken from the actual FAA tests of the past. Once you complete a trial test, you get a performance card along with correct answers of the questions that you answered wrong.

The participants also get lecture quizzes, a study guide and 5 practice tests.

In addition, the learners also get personal support by the coach via phone or email.


Any person who is above the age of 16 and wants to become a certified commercial drone pilot is eligible for the course. Moreover, you should also have good command over English and mentally and physically sound in order to be able to fly a Small Unmanned Aircraft System in the US.

Building Your Own Drone

Constructing a drone from scratch is an absolute delight. But in addition to choosing components, putting them all together and then getting the entire system to work in sync with each other, there are plenty of things that are of vital importance.

Therefore, it is important that you go through an online course before your embark on your journey to building your own drone.

DIY Drones is another great resource that can help you learn a thing or two about building your own drone.

This course is an in-depth guide to learning how to build a drone from scratch.

The quadcopter build that has been employed in this course is called as the racing quadcopter. This is the most popular category that is most commonly used among dronies to build their own drones. Nevertheless, almost all kinds of multirotors can be built from scratch if you are interested.

  • 5 hours video on-demand
  • 3 articles
  • 4 supplemental resource
  • Lifetime access
  • Accessibility via mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion
  • A yearning to build a quadcopter from scratch
  • Buy either the quadcopter kit or get components from the list provided
  • Basic knowledge about soldering is required
  • Basic knowledge about tool handling such as wire strippers and pliers

These were some of the best online courses that I always recommend to the drone enthusiasts. Which one do you find the most suitable for yourself? Are you familiar with some other online courses that you want me to cover? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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