How Drones are Helping the Falconers?

Falconry is a practice in which hunting is carried out with the help of birds. It is a centuries-old tradition that has been pursued in different cultures for ages. Having said that, the use of drones in falconry is an entirely new practice. Bob Smith from Elk City, Oklahoma shared with us at the North American Falconers Association Meet how he uses his X-Star Premium in falcon training.

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How do the Falconers work?

A lure is connected to the drone and the drone starts zipping through the skies. The bird then goes after the drone, pulls the lure loose, and comes back again. This practice helps the falcon to hunt while flying at higher elevations.

Since the falcons become more efficient hunters by flying at higher elevations, they tend to have longer lifespans in contrast to the falcons that live out there in the wild.

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According to Bob Smith, falconry has been around for a long time. Even Genghiz Khan used to have a team of dedicated falconers to bring food. Now, he believes that falconry is more about feeding the birds than it is about feeding humans.

He says that falconers, nowadays, do not use the bird a lot to hunt for them. As a matter of fact, they let the bird do the hunting for itself. He goes onto assert that it is quite a sublime feeling to catch prey. So, even if he ends up catching a duck, the bird tends to get the lion’s share of that duck if not the entire duck.

Drones are Helping the Falconers

Falconers have been using kites and helium balloons for training birds recently. But drones tend to provide more control and the availability of the FPV camera also lets them, scout, for new places. Some falconers are also using drones to rescue birds.

Bob Smith has been working with the birds since 1970.

He tells us that he has always fancied flying. He believes that the falcons get him closest to the sky while the drones unleash new vistas of opportunities to fly around.

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