DJI Working On Joystick Controller For new Drones

DJI Working On Joystick Controller For new FPV Drones

When talking about drones the name that flashes in our mind is DJI. I know most of you are super excited about the new DJI joystick FPV drone. Hold your horses we have some details to share about new FPV drones. When a product is near its launch date there are more leaks. Well in this article we are going to share some of the new information about the new joystick drone. Excited? I know you are. Let’s dive into it.

Drones are cutting edge of technology and the technology has become really advanced. However, most drone enthusiasts might get bored with a combo of controller and drone. If you are among them then DJI’s new FPV drone here’s what sources told.

There will also be an additional “controller,” which is like a control stick that exists on fighter jets. Not sure whether DJI will release that accessory with the FPV drone though.

As far as we are concerned none of the companies have tried something like a joystick controller drone. Although you might have seen joysticks being used in military-style ones. Now you might wanna ask what are the advantages of a joystick drone? Flying a drone with a joystick is a new experience and joystick controllers will make the drone flying much easier.

Our View on FPV

There are many companies already out there in the market who are working with FPV drones and are quite established but DJI is new to FPV drones. This drone is going to be a whole new product for all drone enthusiasts. On the other side when we think about joysticks it’s a quiet new feature and most people use joysticks on the surface or a desk but what would be in the case of a drone controller? It’s going to be a new experience for all drone lovers.

DJI Working On Joystick Controller For new FPV Drones


Is the DJI FPV drone release delayed?

Yes, its release has quite delayed the reason behind this is because DJI has to refilm the demo videos of the drone as the previous demo doesn’t meet their standards. We can’t deny that DJI invests a great sum of time and money in their demo videos.

Yes, it’s all right because the video doesn’t meet their standards if you want to have a look then you can watch it here. ( It was shared by @OsitaLV. One of the most famous DJI leakers). After having a look at the video it’s alright it actually doesn’t meet DJI standards. This video doesn’t make any sense. Overall I am very excited about this one: do express your excitement in the comments section below Furthermore, Most probably it will release at the end of Feb.

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