How to Fly a Quadcopter in Circles

In this article, we’ll endeavor to explain how to carry out bank turns with your quadcopter. Bank turns is not a tough nut to crack. Having said that, you must be familiar with the technicalities in a bid to perfect your bank turns.

Before you learn bank turns, you should be pretty proficient with hovering, nose-in hovering and forward flight.

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Let’s take a look at the steps involved in carrying out bank turns.

  1. Move your quadcopter in the forward direction at about 5 mph. This will ensure that you provide your device the required momentum you need to start the turn.
  2. Apply just a little bit of aileron to bank your machine.
  3. Keep increasing the altitude of the quadcopter.
  4. Appy yaw continuously. If you fail to apply sufficient yaw, the machine will start collapsing into the turn. Too much yaw will lift the quadcopter out of the turn.
  5. Apply aileron to prevent the quadcopter from getting lifted or collapsing into or out of the turn.

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A remote controlled flight simulator can certainly help you if you are having issues in getting in terms with bank turns. A USB simulator kit could also be an option if you have a transmitter with a trainer port.     

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