DJI announces Cendence Remote Control and Tracktenna Signal Booster

DJI have come up with three new products which was announced at the beginning of the NAB show in Las Vegas. These products are the Ronin 2 camera gimbal, Cendence drone remote control and Tracktenna drone remote signal booster. The event was attended by a small crowd and the Ronin 2 camera gimbal was able to capture the imagination of the gathering. The drone related devices were announced by the manufacturers after scintillating presentations were made on the phenomenal camera rig. These new drone related DJI devices have been engineered for higher end DJI drones. Let’s get to know the new Cendence remote control and Tracktenna signal booster.

Ronin 2 Camera Rig

You must be wondering why are we about to discuss a massive camera rig in a drone related article. Well, here is the answer to this question: the largest of the drones developed by DJI has the capacity to carry this camera rig as its payload. This implies that you will be able to send your DSLR camera or some other video camera into the air. We are witnesses to a number of camera drones and professional drones carrying out this feat with great success.

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The Ronin 2 has seen a number of enhancements. It includes super hot interchangeable batteries and GPS enabled stable image up to a speed of 75 miles per hour. The rig is durable enough to help you out in your shoots in testing environments and is a great thing to have happened to the world of camera systems.

The pricing and availability of this camera rig has not been announced by DJI as we are expecting that the cinematographers will be itching to get their hands on this exceptional concoction now. Ronin 2 will be available in the second quarter of 2017 from, DJI Flagship Stores, DJI Authorized Retail Stores, and DJI Resellers worldwide. Pricing will be announced prior to availability.

DJI Cendence Remote Control

If you own a , then you will also have the option to go for the DJI Cendence remote control. This is a wonderful drone remote control for professional drone enthusiasts and comes loaded with a top quality integrated display, tons of controls and buttons and lots and lots of HD video management features.

YouTube video

What’s more you can also connect your handheld mobile device, an HDMI or SDI display or even one of the SkyPixel displays from DJI. The batteries are interchangeable so you can run them along all throughout the day. A pair of batteries provides a runtime of about two and a half hours. Similar is the case with regard to the modularity of the antennae.

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The DJI Cendence remote control has the option of selectable dual frequencies and offers a range of a whopping 4.3 miles. You can boost this control range with the help of the signal booster but 4.3 miles is more than enough since you should remember to abide by the line of sight legal flight rule stipulated by FAA.

The dual operators option lets you choose the host and slave modes on the Cendence drone remote control that basically designates a pilot and a camera controller.

DJI Cendence is available for sale for $999. Click here to find out more.

Tracktenna Drone Remote Signal Booster

The Tracktenna drone remote signal booster is the way to go if you are desiring of better connectivity at close range or enhanced control range. The Tracktenna is the signal booster for the Cendence Remote control so if you are the DJI Mavic Pro user, you will have to be patient with what you have got.

You can connect this gadget through a wire and watch as it automatically rotates to track your drone. This device provides a control range of a massive 6.24 miles and a data transmission rate of 10Mbps at a distance of 1.24 miles. This means that if you are maintaining a line of sight with your drone, you should not have any connectivity issues with regard to the video feed from the drone. Click here to learn more.

DJI Circle Customer Service

Finally, a supreme customer service experience was the last thing that was announced by DJI at the prestigious event. DJI circle will provide you top of the line customer service if you have any issues with regard to battery rentals, device repair, backup and maintenance, global SOS service and exclusive membership rewards such as airport lounge access.

DJI Circle costs around $4699 per year so it’s pretty expensive and is definitely not meant for everyone out there. But it could be a real life saver if you want to have batteries delivered to your shooting location in an emergency or when you are travelling or can’t fly with batteries due to security reasons. DJI Circle is a great service if you own multiple DJI devices. Learn more about DJI Circle here.

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Verdict on Latest DJI Products

This was the main stuff that comprised the presentation that kicked off the NAB show in Las Vegas. The products are still there on the location of the event at the DJI booth. If you are reading this article and have comments to post, do not hesitate to share with us. You can also ask us any questions regarding the devices discussed above. We will get back to you with appropriate answers.

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