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Grand Forks records massive win as a newcomer

Grand Forks is a North-Dakota drone company that recently reached an incredible milestone in the drone industry. Considering that it was a newcomer in the drone industry, it makes their achievement a lot bigger. This is one of the biggest reasons why drone businesses are excelling in North-Dakota. The startup was awarded with $1 million grand prize winner of the GENIUS NY accelerator competition.  This GENIUS NY program focuses on unmanned system of all categories, regardless of it being aerial drones or ground-based robots or any other kind.


Grand Forks and Airtonomy

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Launched in 2018, Airtonomy uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prioritize autonomous capturing, data analysis, and the integration of crucial data. Its products enable everybody to collect data properly without the usage of any autonomous vehicles. There is a huge scope of it in the Grand Forks city. All you need to do push the button, and the next thing will be the collection of data with automated processing for machine learning. After the data is eligible for machine learning, you can use the data for your business.

The organization consists of 25 employees. However, Airtonomy founder and CEO Dr. Joshua R. Riedy claims that they are focusing on doing further investment to hire more employees for this matter. Even though it will work at New York, Airtonomy will also do the operations at the Grand Forks’ Herald Building. This city is blossoming in the world of data analysis, artificial intelligence and all these kinds of innovative technological advancements.

Input of Grand Forks City

Grand Forks City has been a massive advocate of growing technology over the years. Recently, a key infrastructure has emerged i.e. nation’s first unmanned airport, the Grand Sky Development Park. It has 1.2 million square feet of hangar, office and data space. It also hosts Northern Plains UAS Test Site to help in the safe integration of unmanned aircraft into airspace.

GENIUS NY Competition

Grand Forks

The basic objective of this competition is to turn New York into a drone hub, and it definitely looks like we are heading in that direction. Grand Forks city will be the core of this program. New York is extremely famous in the drone industry in terms of Griffiss International Airport. This site contains a 50-mile drone corridor which comprises of sensors and radars. This enables the companies to test the drones and the UTM technology in the real world settings.

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