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PABLO AIR and NUAIR to Collaborate on Drone Delivery Solutions. We start our discussion with a brief introduction to Pablo Air and NUAIR firstly.

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About Pablo Air

 Pablo Air is an unmanned aerial software and hardware development company that specially focuses on developing UAVs logistics solutions, long-distance drone delivery solutions, and swarming flight platforms as well. Pablo is continuously looking forwards to research and developments and commercialization at home as well as abroad to become a pioneer globally UAV industry.

With the foundation of the U.S branch as starting point in 2021, Pablo Air has become the very first Korean company to engage in the U.S drone delivery POC, The World-renowned AUVSI XCELLENCE AWARD 2nd place winner, and (NTIS)  the National Technology and Innovation Sandbox, Malaysia’s technology partner.

About NUAIR:

NUAIR stands for Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance Incorporation. It is a non-profit organization that emphasizes its mission to safely integrate uncrewed aircraft systems into the national airspace. They enable scalable economically commercial drone operations and manage New York UAS Test site at Griffiss International Airport, Rome.

Its team is responsible for the advancement of New York’s 50-mile UAS Corridor between Rome and Syracuse, doing research and testing around drones and 5G.

South Korea-Based Pablo Air looks to NUAIR and Central NEW YORK’s hi-tech ecosystem to expand commercial drone operation in the United States:

After introducing Pablo Air and NUAIR, we talk about an important memorandum which is called (the MOU) memorandum of understanding, signed by a South Korea-based drone service provider to understand commercial drone solutions for US clients.

Expectations from Pablo Air’s Work in the United State:

Pablo Air is engaging in multiple ranges of drone-related work primarily in south-Kores. Its team is operating maritime drone flights at (IIA) Incheon International Airport and also conducting long-range beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) commercial drone operations.

This company is also flourished separately (PAMNet) Pablo Air Mobility Network which is a combined mobility system for real-time control and operations of drones and different unmanned mobility devices. Just like self-driving trucks and cars and vehicles

As said by NUAIR CEO Ken Stewart, “This cross-country participation to safely integrate unmanned aircraft and drones into the national airspace will surely help unclose the true potential of commercial drone operations.”

It is also a piece of great news that Pablo Air is already confirmed to work along with EVA that is an American drone station developer on a drone delivery program that is planned to be organized in New York in April 2022.