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How we review drones

We try to be truthful in all our reviews and that is one principle that we cannot ignore. We always endeavor to provide an honest opinion and reliable information to consumers so that they can get their hands on the drone that is in accordance with their requirements. In this post, we are going to discuss with you the way we review drones.

Versatility and truthfulness

The internet is proliferated with partial product reviews and comparisons. We endeavor to be impartial.  We ensure that our reviews are not affected by our collaborations, commissions, payouts, and marketing campaigns.

The process to review drones

Our process consists of four main stages:
1. Research
2. Testing
3. Research
4. Evaluation

We avoid copying all the product features and specifications on a sales page and ensure that we provide all the pros and cons associated with a certain product. We never coerce our consumers into purchasing products. As a matter of fact, we try to bring to the fore all the requisite information along with our recommendations. The consumer has got to be the one making the decision, we believe!

How the process works

• Once a certain product has been selected to be reviewed, we carry out in-depth research at our own end without involving any third party

• More often than not, we endeavor to purchase the product ourselves if we do not already have it (we may request the actual owners to lend it for some time)

• We try to figure out all the disadvantages of the product along with its brand

• We attempt to find out the positives related to the device

• By repeating the first couple of stage and employing the data obtained at the third and fourth stages, the product is evaluated

• All the findings are then brought to our reader in a structured and easily comprehendible manner

• If there are any updates to review drones or changes to the product, then the entire process is carried out from the first stage

How our readers can review drones

We are really aware of the difference that the reviews of the actual consumers can make. That is exactly why we have included this stage in our process to review drones. The accuracy of the review depends on the quantum of data that we have so do not hesitate to present your opinion by dropping a comment in the comments section below.
We will definitely get back to you and update our review.

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