Specific DJI Drone

Is it alright to finance a specific DJI drone?

If you are unable to pay the full money to get your respective drone, we have some good news to bring to you. DJI company is now giving you a chance to support your specific DJI drone purchase. Instead of paying the entire amount, you can pay in installments over the course of 12 months. For example, if a drone costs $1200. Instead of paying the entire amount in one go, you can pay $120 per month in the next year.  It will also be helpful as you won’t be having cash management problems.

Is financing a specific DJI drone via Affirm a good idea?

specific DJI drone

In general, usually, you should pay for the specific DJI drone products outright. If you go by the procedure that Affirm has presented, you will owe more money that the money you will pay upfront. In this 12-month financing procedure, you will be allocated an external $110.09 alongside the top of the price of your respective drone.

There is no point in parting ways with $110.09 straight away. No one gives away an entire money that he earns through months of hard work in one grasp. Therefore, save it instead of giving it to a company called Affirm.

Let’s say if you want to buy a specific DJI drone on a 12-month payment deal. You are paying for 9-months consecutively before you lose interest or you find a drone that is easily an upgrade upon the drone that you are paying for, what happens then? The person then comes at crossroads, whether he continues to pay for the drone and gets the product, or he gives away the money that he had paid previously and opt for something better. Compromise is very important in this regard.

Final Thoughts

There are few situations in which purchasing a specific DJI drone from an online purchase store can make sense. My opinion is that there is no point paying for something which you cannot afford. However, if financing can ensure better gigs and better deal for you and you have all the calculations that can make you financially stable, then it definitely makes sense.


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