Walmart and Coca-Cola planning to deliver their products with drones

Walmart and Coca-Cola planning to deliver their products with drones

There is no doubt that drones have revolutionized technology. Every company tries their best to sell their products and so is the case with Coca-cola and Walmart. But do you know that Coke has also partnered with Walmart to deliver their latest product Cofee drink in coffee in Captial Georgia? Furthermore, it’s not that surprising as Walmart is just improving its deliveries with drones.

Heres what coca-cola says about the partnership:

Coca-Cola is teaming up with Walmart and DroneUp, a nationwide drone services provider, to bring Coca-Cola with Coffee and Coca-Cola with Coffee Zero Sugar to the “buzzworthy” community of Coffee County, Ga. On Jan. 25, select consumers who live in a single-family residence within a one-mile radius of the Walmart Supercenter in Coffee County can opt-in to have Coca-Cola with Coffee and Coca-Cola with Coffee Zero Sugar delivered safely via drone delivery.

-Coca cola

Both of these companies contacted DroneUp to make the delivery perfect and achievable. DroneUp is quite popular for its drone deliveries to drone rescues. This 3-way partnership is really helpful for coffee capital citizens as they can receive Coca-Cola with coffee at their doorsteps.

Walmart deliver Coca-Cola drone


After seeing the image carefully, It seems like they are using a customized drone with customized mechanics. It seems that the drone is using 4 arms to hold the package firmly with a tether for delivery. After having look at the package most probably there is 1 one can is packed inside the cardboard for safety and accuracy. Sadly we are unable to find an image while delivering will update the post ASAP once we find it:)

Walmart and Drones: A Closer Look

As discussed above, Drone delivery is not a new concept and Walmart has already worked with this concept. In 2020, Walmart has begun drone deliveries in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Moreover, Walmart has tested with groceries and trying its best to expand in the whole country.

The drones used in the procedure are from Flytrex and all the drones are managed through a well versed cloud-based system. Unlike other networks, Flytrex drones are accurate and deliver the product to the right owner’s doorstep rather than pickup-point or nearby depot.

The main motive of these pilot programs is exclusively for Walmart to know whether the customers will accept drone deliveries or not, the overall experience, and most importantly Is it a good decision to deliver goods with drones or not?

Moreover, Walmart has also partnered with Intel for a drone light show in the US. The company displayed 1000 drones at a particular location, showing various holiday-themed images and characters.

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