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Israeli Drone And Robotics Companies Team To Launch A Flying EOD Robot

heven drone

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Heven Drone

Have you heard about Heaven Drone? The name suggests that Heven Drone is a fast-growing Israeli drone technology company, founded in 2019, unveiled at ISDEF 2022, an amalgamated robotic solution that is an incorporation of an aerial multirotor and unmanned ground vehicle, especially for air and land operations. Heaven Drone is a drone solutions company whose aim is to focus on commercializing multi-purpose next-generation drone systems. It also uses proprietary technologies to make fully customizable drones with strong superior stability, flight endurance, and lifting capacities.


Before going further, we would like to talk about Roboteam. It is also a drone solution company having experienced engineers to provide fully operational and tactical control, enhanced force coordination, and overall mission. It designs, manufactures cues, multi-purpose unmanned platforms, and law enforcement and public safety missions.

These two major companies, Heaven Drone and Roboteam, an Israeli tactical ground robotic system provider have developed the solution jointly. They started working on the special project to a particular requirement for homeland and defense security applications raised by a customer. Just to maximize the efficiency in various applications, they are investigating and exploring extra use cases for air robots and land.

As said by Bentzion Levinson, Heven Drone’s CEO, the new ‘flying robot’ can complete various tasks and different functions in the air and on the ground. “Our collaboration with Roboteam leads our vision one step a head closer with land and aerial robots working together to make a fully operational product that can finalize tasks from the ground and the air.”

With the help and great support of this partnership, it allows for ground systems and unmanned aerial for delivering an important payload to the battlefield with EOD capabilities and EOD is The Explosive Ordnance Disposal. EOD specialists are the best world’s ultimate bomb squad, who are trained to disarm and dispose of explosive devices.

Roboteam’s COO, Matan Shirvi said that “You can fly whenever you want, you can drive when you want to drive, with only one controller, one radio, and only one software because of a single interface for increasing the operational range in the highly difficult environments and complex situations as well.”

That’s a good thing that the aerial platform uses Heven-Drone’s H100 Robo drone because of its marvelous feature like its maximum takeoff weight is seventy kilograms and can easily lift a weight up to 30 kg for thirty-six minutes over a distance of ten-kilometers. Further, the Micro Tactical Ground Robot (MTGR) of Roboteam, mounts the H-100 to hop over obstacles to land on rooftops or deploy to a particular location where it accomplishes its mission.

By using this application, the drone is fitted with a thirty kilograms kit along with robot attachments, a ramp, and also a toolbox supporting the MTGR and maximizes the time-to-lift competence of ground robots and flying robots.