Protection of AirSpace

Protection of AirSpace from Drones Solution Provided Dedrone

If we talk about the protection of AirSpace, drone technologies are changing rapidly day by day – Dedrone recently launched a spin-off arm named Dedrone security, whose aim is to provide the US security agencies especially federal agencies such as the Defense Department with an anti-drone operation.

Here the most important aspect to note regarding the protection of AirSpace is that Dedrone is mainly known for its comprehensive technology solution “for counter-drone which collects and aggregates data from drone activity through sensors and automatically analyses the information in order to monitor a potential threat to the source of drones.


Moreover, the company is rapidly expanding its technology today with the introduction of Dedrone Defence’s new business unit, located right outside Washington, DC.

The aim of the new Dedrone Defense Force, according to a Dedrone Declaration, is to “develop tools, solutions, and resources for US federal agencies, including the Defense Department, to provide a tested, end-to-end solution to detect and identify airspace operations, protect assets against drone threats, take steps regarding the protection of AirSpace and defeat adversary drones.”

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The organization already has a current contract with deployment at F.E with DIU (Defense Innovation Unit). Air Force Base Warren. A Dedrone spokesman added that, as part of the purchase, a certain number of active contracts were concluded but could not otherwise be specified.

Dedrone has a number of products. DroneTracker’s software is capable of recognizing and classifying radio frequency (RF), WLAN, and Non-WiFI SUAS data, transmitting data to command and control centers. DroneDefender’s other device uses radio control disturbance frequency and is a light-weight dot-and-drive network of 400 meters.

Protection of AirSpace is an extremely fundamental aspect. The organizations have promised further investigations within this. They are taking help from the US agencies to study the Drones and how they can use them in their everyday lives.

Protection of AirSpace: Today’s Deal

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2013 National Defense Magazine: Fighter Upgrade Market Heats Up/Underwater Drone
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