drone like hoverboard

Kowald builds a custom drone like hoverboard

After so many years of hard work regarding drone design and innovations, it looks like Hunter Kowald has finally pulled the rabbit out of his hat. He has finally created a custom drone like hoverboard which will give a new dimension to the drone industry.

It looked like this will be one of those hoverboards that can also fly, which hasn’t happened for a long time. Recently, we have seen numerous hoverboards that have not exceeded the expectations of the developers and relatable customers. However, this product seems to have ticked all the boxes. We will find out why.

What to expect from a drone like hoverboard?

It looks the drone like hoverboard created by Hunter Kowald has exceeded expectations within the drone enthusiasts. Furthermore, we have seen developments from the LEXUS company, who has debuted its hoverboard via the use of magnetic levitation technology. According to the LEXUS developers, the hoverboard works like a skater.

Initially, it was restricted to a magnetic track prior to its installation. This also meant little control for the user over the drone like hoverboard, We have also seen the personal aviation system created by the Frank Zapata’s design, which is associated with the gas turbines. The turbines are also the creation of Hunter Kowald.

Final Thoughts

In the recent day and age, having innovations like the underline;”>drone like hoverboard is a great sign for things to come. In the days when it is becoming increasingly difficult to move from one place to another, especially in the pandemic today, having these innovations can solve many problems of ours. It can ease the burdens of transporting products or going yourself from one place to another. Most importantly, its quickness and easy to use structure will enable many people to use it as a caravan.

We can expect further developments regarding this product in the coming months and years. Let us know what you think about this hoverboard? Do you think it is a good sign for the drone industry? Make sure to give your thoughts in the comment section below:

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