How to make drone panoramas and time lapses with DJI Media Maker

DJI Media Maker was originally designed to be specifically used with DJI Osmo but it can also be utilized with other products such as DJI Spark.

The latest DJI Spark has come up along with the introduction of a number of interesting modes of flight. Autonomous flight features such as gesture control, dronie and spiral flying have opened up new vistas of opportunities for smart flying.

Having said that, one of the greatest enhancements that is significant in contrast to its predecessors such as the DJI Mavic Pro are the automatic panorama modes.

Here is the download link to Media Maker.

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DJI Spark panoramic modes include:

  • Portrait Panorama
  • Horizontal panorama
  • 180 degrees panorama


Why DJI Media Maker?

If you are looking for panorama shots of stunning quality from your drone, then it is always better to get them uploaded to your computer first in high quality and then stitch them subsequently.

DJI Spark is integrated with an automatic panorama creation mode inside the DJI Go 4 app but the exporting process is excruciatingly slow and the output not as high quality as one should expect.

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How to use DJI Media Maker to create panoramas

The DJI Media Maker can be downloaded directly from the official DJI website.

As discussed above, the type of panorama created with the DJI Osmo are automatically detected by the DJI Media Maker but there are ways to do it for DJI Spark as well.

Following panoramas are created by DJI Media Maker in stock settings:

  • Omnidirectional panorama (functions with horizontal mode on the Spark)
  • Spherical Panorama (functions with photographs taken in the 180 panorama mode)
  • There is no workaround to creating vertical panoramas as yet (This can be done in the DJI Go 4 app with the DJI Spark)

The software can be used by simply copying the folders with the panorama images. The whole folder is then dragged with all the photographs and chosen between the modes presented above and the output is checked.

Is it possible to create automatic panoramas with DJI Mavic?

This cannot be done as yet but you can manually take photographs with any drone and stitch them up with the app.
You can also use photographs manually taken with your smartphone and easily create a panorama out of them.

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